Celebrity Perfumes of 2012

Who wouldn’t want to smell like their favourite celebrity? With celebrity perfumes, you can. If you want to know more about the hottest fragrances available, here are the celebrity perfumes of 2012. But why just read about it? Visit your favourite department store … [Read more...]

New Dad For Britney’s Kid?

Not quite, but the new guy in Britney's life treats her boys like his own kids. Jason Trawick, Britney's current boyfriend, seems to really love her and everything that comes with her. Wishing her luck this time around! … [Read more...]

Britney Reads Off Letterman’s Top 10 List In Bikini

David Letterman's viewers were treated to a bikini clad Britney as she read off the top 10 list for the night - what would America be like with Britney as president? FREE PIE! … [Read more...]

Britney’s Crewmembers Arrested

Britney's back and controversy is not far behind. A couple of her crewmembers were arrested during her tour. The official word is that they are not directly employed by her and that her group does not tolerate that sort of thing. Ahuh. … [Read more...]

Britney And Sons: Merry Christmas Y’All!

Britney does really seem to be cleaning up her act, doesn't she? On her web site, she sent out a Christmas greeting to all her fans, together with her sons. It was a really sweet picture of them, too. … [Read more...]