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Beyonce: Waxy Lady

81st Annual Academy Awards - Show

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum is set to open in Hollywood sometime this year and guess who is one of the first to get waxed out? None other than waxy foxy lady Beyonce Knowles. Jamie Foxx is also one of them.

Messy Beyonce?

81st Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

No way! Every time we catch a glimpse of this girl, she is all made up, with not a strand of hair out of place. But, yes, she confesses that at home, she is most laid back – maybe a little too laid back for hubby Jay-Z, whom she describes as very very organized.

23rd Annual American Cinematheque Honors Samuel L. Jackson - Arrivals

In her dressing room no less! By now, you probably have seen the SNL skit featuring Justin and Beyonce. You probably cracked up like the rest of the world but did you know that Beyonce had second thoughts about that skit? All it took to reassure her, though, was a visit from Justin. Good job!

Beyonce To Sing For The Obamas

The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ET Red Carpet Arrivals

In several days, we will have a new president and guess who has the honors of singing as the first couple dances their first dance? Lucky Beyonce Knowles. On the other hand, it is not everyday that you get to have her sing for you as you dance, either right?


Beyonce works the black catsuit look

Beyonce Knowles is still as bootylicious as ever when she appeared in the Today Show to promote her new album, I Am… Sasha Fierce.

You go, girl!


Beyonce wants Wonder Woman

Daniel Craig has opened the floodgates for re-imagining established characters that reflect the Obama age.

Beyonce Knowles is now talking that she wants to play Wonder Woman in movies. She may look fine in the Wonder Woman costume but I just can’t picture the Amazonian princess snapping her head like what Beyonce usually does when she acts.

See Beyonce’s ring


That’s some serious bling! Check out Beyonce’s 18 carat flawless diamond ring. It reputedly cost $5 million dollars.

Well, as she crooned for the perfume commercial, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.


Beyonce: done with being a popstar


Beyonce’s “done with being a popstar,” admitting in this interview that she’s now ready to “be an icon.”


The coy couple

Looks like Beyonce’s a little shy about showing off her wedding ring. The couple were photographed at a basketball game, but she was careful to hide her hand. Aaaw. come on Beyonce!


Beyonce and Jay-Z get married!


Beyonce and Jay-Z quietly tied the knot on Friday. A source said the ceremony was a “really private affair” with just friends and family, followed by a party in Jay-Z’s apartment. Celeb guests included Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, and Gwyneth Paltrow.DJ Cassidy handled the music, while Amy’s Orchids imported 50,000 to 60,000 white orchid blooms for the decor.

Though talk of the upcoming wedding began when news leaked that the couple got a wedding license, some say that it’s an elaborate April Fool’s joke.



A great big hearty Happy Birthday going out to Beyonce Knowles today, who is celebrating her 26th birthday!

Do it up big, Beyonce!


The nominations for the 2007 MTV Music Video Awards are finally in, it seems like it takes longer each passing year.  And guess who’s leading the pack?  None other than Justin Timberlake & Beyonce Knowles, each with 7 nods. 

Among the noms, Justin & Beyonce have been nominated for Video of the Year & Male and Female Artist of the Year, respectively.

Should be a good one this year!


Beyonce Knowles is just a big sweetiepie.  After a pyrotechnics accident that occurred during one of her concerts, landing two front row fans in the hospital, Beyonce was at their bedsides.

The concert in question took place Sunday night & at the very start of the set (that’s gotta suck) an onstage pyrotechnics display spilled out into the front row.  Though the fan’s injuries were minor (I imagine their spirits were more injured from scoring front row seats & not even seeing the damn concert), Beyonce surprised the emergency room by showing up after the concert had ended.

A hospital nurse confirmed the story, saying, “[Beyonce] was just very concerned about the people injured in the audience…I just thought it was a great thing for someone of her stature to do.”

And that is why Beyonce gets the Sweetiepie of the Day Award!




I have to admit, sometimes being a celebrity is a little creepy.  One of Beyonce Knowles’ fans was in tears recently when the singer refused to sign a painting that took artist Paul Stillwell 80 hours to paint.  Talk about creepy…

Stillwell revealed that the painting of Beyonce took over 3 days to paint & Knowles wouldn’t even give him “two seconds of her time to sign her name on it.”

“I traveled 100 miles to London and waited outside her hotel for five hours. … When she came out I showed her my painting and said, ‘Beyonce, will you sign my painting?’ She said, ‘No, sorry,’ and walked away.”

I mean seriously, dude.  Beyonce didn’t ask you to paint a painting of her, travel to London & wait outside her hotel room for five hours, now did she?  I mean, get a clue!  Especially since the painting makes Beyonce’s abs look like melted butter, and not in a good way mind you.

You tell me, who’s side do you fal on?



On Monday hottiepants Beyonce Knowles got up a little early & headed on down to CBS to perform live for The Early Show.  The performance was just like any other, just throw in another bad dress & you get the idea.

Beyonce is promoting her new album, B’Day The Deluxe Edition.  I’m not sure why the singer/actress couldn’t get another music album together instead of trying to tap into more cash on her B’Day record.  But I guess the girl has to buy a wardrobe of zebra dresses somehow….

You tell me- what do you think of Beyonce’s CBS look?

Images from Photorazzi


All I have to say is that Jay-Z is one luck man & must have been a very good boy to deserve longtime girlfriend Beyonce Knowles’ look on Valentine’s Day Wednesday.

Knowles was spotted at the unveiling of the 2007 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles.  Beyonce graces the front cover of the sexy & much awaited swimsuit issue where she proudly sports a bikini her mother Tina Knowles designed.

Thanks to Life & Style for the image.

Beyonce Knowles Takes Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover


It looks like it’s a happy Valentine’s Day for more people now than before, as Beyonce Knowles has stolen the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue.  I had thought that the ever popular issue usually tried to use models that were lesser known to boost their careers, but it looks like Illustrated went with a new philosophy this year.  And that philosophy is Beyonce hottness!

What do you think of the cover?

Thanks to Egotastic for the image.

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