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7 Celebrities Who Worked Real Jobs Before Fame

Have you ever dreamed of being famous? Wished you could drive a Lambo and kiss your day job goodbye? For many civilians, it can seem like celebrities have had everything handed to them. While in some cases this is undoubtedly true, there are a few stars who spent their time working their way to the […]

8 Celebrities Who are Really Good at Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. With that, comes interest in the sport from the rich and famous. From former presidents to film actors, NFL players to music legends, across the country, celebrities are practicing this sport. Mixed Martial Arts “MMA encompasses disciplines from various martial […]

Rihanna Spotted Leaving Ashton Kutcher’s Pad at 4am

Ashton Kutcher must be cooking up something in his 10 million dollar pad. Roving eyes have been spotting some very personal home visits and midnight runs to the bachelor’s pad from high profile celebs. Justin Bieber made a recent visit to Ashton’s abode, and apparently is interested in becoming the new owner of Kutcher’s pad. […]

Ashton Saves The Beautiful Life

In my recent post, I talked about Mischa Barton’s short-lived TV series, A Beautiful Life, which was cancelled after two episodes last September because it failed to reach the targeted ratings. Producer Ashton Kutcher is refusing to give up on his show, because he believes that “Nobody knew [The Beautiful Life] was on for two […]

Ashton Kutcher Gets All Lovey Dovey

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary this September, and reports are surfacing that Demi Moore is soon to be Demi Kutcher. Ashton says as far as he knows, this is not the case. All he can say is that his wife is getting more and more beautiful as the years […]

Brad Pitt Dishes Advice To Ashton Kutcher

From one hottie to another: do not take a picture of your wife’s butt and post it online. Instead, take a picture of someone else’s wife! Yeah, good advice. More on technology from Brad Pitt in the August edition of Wired.

Ashton And Demi Feeding America

It’s not a new thing – celebrities have taken to Twitter to further good causes. This time, it’s Ashton and Demi. They want everyone to take part in feeding the hungry of America. Let’s join them!

Madonna Heads To Holy Land for Jewish Holidays

Watch out Israel, the material girl & her posse are heading your way! Madonna & pals Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher & Donna Karan are fleeing the Sunset Strip for the Holy Land this week.  Madge plans on spending the Jewish holidays with her Kabbalah buddies & maybe a handful of Israeli soldiers as well.  So, I guess there’s […]