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Ashton Kutcher must be cooking up something in his 10 million dollar pad. Roving eyes have been spotting some very personal home visits and midnight runs to the bachelor’s pad from high profile celebs.

Justin Bieber made a recent visit to Ashton’s abode, and apparently is interested in becoming the new owner of Kutcher’s pad. No real word of sale on the property has been released but, the 34 year old Ashton might be looking into possibities.

Then again, we can’t  see a common ground between Kutcher and Bieber for some male bonding other than their …uh, sordid tangles with the media and their private lives.

Another eye brow raising turn of event in the Kutcher pad, was 24 year old singer Rihanna who was spotted doing a midnight run along with her security posse’ to Ashton’s home.

Hmmm, is she looking to buy the property maybe? Or have they recently become close friends? Midnight friendly calls is pretty common for high profile celebs one would think, but probing questions are looming over this recent sighting, as our spotters noted Rihanna didn’t leave Ashton’s pad until around 4am.

So who knows what’s cooking at the Kutcher bachelor pad these days. All we know is that the recent divorce’ has signed up to be the 500th space traveller to take a voyage into space with Virgin Galactic. Yep, that’s the title of ‘astronaut’ if you want that written down on your resume’.


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Turning 49 yrs old may yet be a milestone for Demi Moore who has managed to shed even more weight now tips at 98 pounds before her birthday. 98 pounds – my, with the way she looks in her recent photos, she’s  probably a mere 80 pounds. Half of which comes from her hair.
After alleged rumours of husband Ashton Kutcher’s affair with 23 yr old Sara Leal , word spread like crazy bush fire of an impending divorce. However, the couple remained on a steady course of working out their issues and moving on with their normal life.
Noticeable though, is Demi’s rather alarming rate of weight loss. Understandable that she may be going through a rough time and stressing out over marital issues. But could it be that she’s trying to lose the weight to kind of keep up with the body of a possible 23 year old mistress?

Either way, her rapid loss of weight is almost too painful to look at now as her husband might not have enough to hold on to. You gotta eat sometimes, you now!Either that or she’s hittin’ up a much younger guy to show for what she can still bag at 49! There have been talks that the actress is seeing Ashton Kutcher’s younger actor friend Ben Hollingsworth. Although none of this could be confirmed or denied … such smoke can only come from a big boiling pot of juice!

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In my recent post, I talked about Mischa Barton’s short-lived TV series, A Beautiful Life, which was cancelled after two episodes last September because it failed to reach the targeted ratings.

Producer Ashton Kutcher is refusing to give up on his show, because he believes that “Nobody knew [The Beautiful Life] was on for two episodes, so the rating on TV wasn’t happening.” He decided to put the series on youtube, believing that more than half a million people will watch it. Watch his message about the show here:

He was right. The first youtube episode got more than half a million viewers soon after it was posted in mid-December. Five episodes have already been released, and have earned almost three million views altogether.

TBL is a New York City drama is about the underbelly world of modeling—cutthroat competitions, go-sees, the glamorous and not-so-glamorous sides of running in heels. It’s like America’s Next Top Model turned into a Gossip Girl-type of series. The best part is: there are no screaming, overexcited Tyra fans.

The show stars Mischa Barton as supermodel Sonja Stone, Ben Hollingsworth as newbie model Chris Andrews, and Sara Paxton as the new “it” girl Raina Marrinelli. Other noteworthy cast members include Corbin Bleu (a great jump out of the Disney mold), Nico Tortorella, and Elle Macpherson.

Ashton, a former model himself, is not a newbie to web success. Remember how he turned Twitter into a household name when he was the first to hit a million followers? Now that TBL has proven its point that it is a must-see show, Ashton isn’t keen on getting it back to TV-land. The youtube-based TV show is so successful that it will run for the next six months, and Ashton believes he can lure in more sponsors.

Electronics company Hewlett-Packard is the show’s first sponsor, which helped scrap the 10-15 minute time limit per webisode. Each TBL episode lasts for a full 40 minutes in high resolution with no commercial breaks. Hey, that’s even better than looking for blurry online streamings of Gossip Girl and Glee!

Get hooked on The Beautiful Life here.


Pacific Cinerama Dome
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary this September, and reports are surfacing that Demi Moore is soon to be Demi Kutcher. Ashton says as far as he knows, this is not the case. All he can say is that his wife is getting more and more beautiful as the years go by. Aww…


Brad Pitt Dishes Advice To Ashton Kutcher

Spike TVs Guys Choice - Show
From one hottie to another: do not take a picture of your wife’s butt and post it online. Instead, take a picture of someone else’s wife! Yeah, good advice. More on technology from Brad Pitt in the August edition of Wired.


Ashton And Demi Feeding America

Celebrities Arrive At The White House Correspondents Association Dinner In Washington DC. 1 of 6
It’s not a new thing – celebrities have taken to Twitter to further good causes. This time, it’s Ashton and Demi. They want everyone to take part in feeding the hungry of America. Let’s join them!



Watch out Israel, the material girl & her posse are heading your way!

Madonna & pals Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher & Donna Karan are fleeing the Sunset Strip for the Holy Land this week.  Madge plans on spending the Jewish holidays with her Kabbalah buddies & maybe a handful of Israeli soldiers as well. 

So, I guess there’s only one thing left to say, Shana tovah!


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