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Better Out Than In: 10 Proudly Gay Celebs

With more and more people becoming open with others’ sexualities (or their own, in any case), it’s only fitting that we pay tribute to those moments that truly awed us. Here are Hollywood’s 10 proudly gay celebs!

Glambert Takes Over The UK

He’s almost as busy as Lady Gaga. Okay, that’s not really the case, but Adam Lambert’s has been making his rounds in the UK, fresh from his stint in Tokyo, Japan.

Grammy Red Carpet Shockers

What’s a Grammy show without those who’d dare stun us with their choice of threads, crazy antics, or mere celebrity presence? Read on to see why these five stars incurred a little gasp from yours truly. Was that a supernova? A planetarium constellation? A walking hurricane? Oh, Lady Gaga, you never cease to amaze me. […]

SAG’s Best-Dressed Men

Yesterday I raved about the best-dressed women at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Now it’s the guys’ turn. I know there’s nothing much they can don other than ties and tuxedos, but there are a few stylish men who add the extra oomph to an otherwise conventional suit. Dark eyeliner, check. Moussed hair, check. Silky […]

ABC In Hot Seat Over Lambert Cancellation

Gay rights activists are all up in arms and their target is ABC. Everyone has heard of Adam Lambert’s stunts on stage at the AMAs, and we all know that ABC cancelled his appearance/performance after. They did, however, go through with an interview of Chris Brown – with a performance to boot. Now what’s wrong […]

He Got Kissed By Adam – And He Liked It?

The keyboard player that Adam Lambert kissed on stage is straight, but according to Adam, he didn’t mind the kiss. After all, it was all for entertainment’s sake. It was not planned, but maybe it was hinted during rehearsal. He hasn’t said anything about the issue, though. Maybe he liked it? Photo courtesy of US […]

Adam’s AMAs Performance Shocks Viewers

I didn’t want to use the word “shock,” but that’s what people are saying. Good Morning America canceled Adam’s appearance following the controversial performance he gave at the AMAs. They say he’s alienating his fans. I think he’s just being himself and trying to prove his flair for showmanship as well. Does anyone disagree?

Adam Lambert: SINGLE

Good news to those of you who have been yearning after Adam Lambert: he is now single! The bad news? I don’t think he his available. He did break up with his partner, Drake LaBry, but the reason is not because they don’t want to be with each other anymore. It’s simply because of Adam’s […]

Adam And Boyfriend: Doing Great

He was a hit from the start, and even when he openly admitted that he is gay, Adam Lambert’s fan base did not suffer. Indeed, it was to be expected. Now he is on the road with fellow Idol contestants, but he says that his relationship with boyfriend Drake LaBray is going strong.

Gene Simmons: Adam May Have Hurt His Career

KISS front man Gene Simmons thinks that Adam’s admitting that he is gay “effectively stopped the handsome 20-something’s career in its tracks.” I think that Simmons just might be wrong. After all, this is a new era, and it’s not like everyone KNEW that Adam’s gay even before he admitted it! Some alpha males may […]

Adam Lambert Releases Single: Want

Adam Lambert’s career is off to a good start. He was always a favorite back in the Idol days, and now, his album is set to be launched earlier than expected. His first single was also released Friday. Title “Want,” it has been receiving favorable reviews. This one’s someone to look out for.

Adam And Clay Aiken: No Hard Feelings

Clay Aiken bashed Adam Lambert in his official blog saying that he only watched one episode of AI this season, and that was when Adam performed Ring of Fire. He said it was “contrived, awful, and slightly frightening.” Simon, is that you? Anyhow, Adam said that he has no hard feelings – and that he […]

Kris Allen’s Win: Thanks To AT&T?

Kris’ fans are more than ecstatic that he won the title of American Idol but Adam Lambert’s fans are more than disgruntled. Now, rumors are circulating that AT&T “helped” some people from Allen’s hometown so that they could vote, giving him an unfair advantage. What do you think of this?

Kris Allen: Truly A Dark Horse

What can I say? Maybe Suri was right! The votes have been cast and America has decided that their next idol is Kris Allen. I guess Lambert’s antics were too much for the public. Congratulations, Kris!

Lambert’s Voice Too Much For Suri

Suri Cruise was there to watch history during the finals of American Idol. It seemed, however, that the little girls ears were too sensitive to the piercing sound of Adam Lambert’s voice. She was seen with her ears covered at one point!

Lambert The New Idol?

Well, he has always been the favorite. After last night’s performances, it seems that Adam Lambert will indeed bring home the title. But you know what? America might just surprise us.

AI: Kris Allen & Adam Lambert Will Battle It Out

I am sure many are disappointed like me, but Danny Gokey is not going to the finals. Instead, we will be seeing Adam Lambert and Kris Allen in the finals of American Idol. Despite the fact that my favorite is out, the finals ought to be a good one. Who is your bet?