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At her first Australian concert, Christina Aguilera didn’t even try to hide her pregnancy.

During the performance, Xtina smiled & pointed at her belly, making sure the yelling crowd knew what she was getting so excited about onstage. 



American sweetheart Jessica Simpson & her mom Tina took a bow after the debut of Jessica’s newest design venture, a new swimsuit line.

The new line is named, aptly, Jessica Simpson Swim.  Could have come up with a more creative name, now couldn’t they?

The swimsuits made the runway at the Mercedes-Benz Miami Fashion Week in South Beach this past Saturday.  Jess is describing the swimsuits as showcasing ”different parts of my personality,” from “all-American girl to bohemian.”

Yeah, who else is with me that someone else designs these little numbers & then Jess adds her name to sell, sell, sell?



“I’d be lying if I said I was completely fine. I was nervous and I was a little bit worried. But not meaning to drop a name, I talked to Gary Oldman about it, because we get on very well and I know he’s been naked onstage.

“And so I said to him, ‘What’s it like?’ and he said, ‘On the first night you’ll be terrified and on the second night you’ll be terrified and after that you won’t care.’ And that’s absolutely true. When you’ve done it twice, it doesn’t matter anymore.”

~Daniel Radcliffe on doing nude scene for play “Equus”

Lindsay Lohan Out of Rehab & Into Las Vegas


Well, it only makes sense to pop out of Promises rehab center & back into civilization via Las Vegas, right?  I mean, if you’re Lindsay Lohan that is!

Lohan has officially left Promises after 45 days of rehabilitation.  LL flew off to Las Vegas to hit club Pure where she was spotted celebrating her pal’s birthday where she herself had planned to spend her 21st birthday bash.

But it looks like things might be looking up for the teen queen, for now anyway, as Lohan has apparently decided to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet.  So, no more hiding the good stuff in water bottles it would seem….

Thanks to PopSugar for the pics.



Well, this past weekend wasn’t dull by any means.  Even sexy little thing Rebecca Romijn has something up her sleeve.

Romijn & beau Jerry O’Connell tied the knot Saturday in a secret surprise wedding not many people knew about. 

Becca looked fabulous in her Ralph Lauren gown, and Jerry never looks bad in anything (or nothing) if you ask me. 

The short ceremony included a gospel choir that sang Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is”.  And the reception was cowboy-themed complete with picnic tables, bales of hay & wagon wheels!

Looks like, if anything, these two kids had a great wedding & hopefully an even happier life ahead of them.

Congrats to the happy couple!

TomKat’s Suri Spotted in Germany


Wow!  Hasn’t adorable Suri Cruise just turned into the cutest of celeb kids?

Even with parents like robomom Katie Holmes & Scientologist Tom Cruise, Suri has managed to beat all odd with her apple-cheeked sweetness. 

Suri & family were recently spotted in Germany where daddy Tom is filming scenes for his Hitler assassin film, Valkayrie. 



The stars of the new movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry showed up in strength for Thursday’s Los Angeles premiere.

Jessica Biel, Adam Sandler & Kevin James all took to the red carpet with ease & humor.  While Jessica usually look amazing to the point of jealousy, the cut on that dress she’s wearing isn’t all that flattering.

But what I really wanna know is, do you think you’re going to like this comedy?  You tell me.


We’re all pretty worried about Angelina Jolie’s weight, she’s wasting away to nothing these days.  And I would have thought Ang would have been a smarter celeb than this….

A family friend reveals,  ”She’s wasting away, and Brad doesn’t know what to do.”

“He’s worried sick about her, but she refuses to eat.”

On a recent trip to see Brad’s family in Springfield, MO, Angelina only ate few grapes and a slice of watermelon.

I think it’s time to send a care package full of carbs &  fiber, don’t you think so?




I know we’ve seen out fair share of Brad Pitt & family Prague pictures, but who ever said another Pitt pic was a bad thing?!

Brad & adopted son Maddox did the whole father/son thing on Thursday while partner/mom Angelina Jolie continues to work on filming for upcoming movie Wanted.

Wonder what Brad’s got his nose in there….




Umm, is anyone else surprised that Ice-T looks like, umm, THAT, underneath his clothes?  Yikes, how can Nicole “Coco” Austin get busy with that? 

Miss New Jersey Reveals Blackmail Photos


Miss New Jersey, Amy Polumbo, finally revealed the alleged blackmail photographs of her Thursday on the Today show.  While we were all expecting something rather hot & X-rated, the pics actually turned out to be cute rather than hot & with only a PG-13 rating.  It’s all just too bad, if you ask me.

Polumbo revealed the photos to the country yesterday of her boyfriend biting her clothed nipple while she wears an expression of, “Well, what can you do?” & a pic of her clothed legs spread wide on a limo.  Certainly not really racy stuff.

Amy decided, bravely I think, to show the pics to the public before a meeting with the New Jersey pageant officials that will determine the fate of her beauty crown. 

I say she gets to keep the crown, just so long as she does something naughty with it!

UPDATE:  New Jersey officials have ruled that Amy can keep her crown, despite somewhat racy pictures.  Congrats!



It only goes to show you that money, and lots of it, will get you just about anything.

I mean, most of us wouldn’t dare touch Brandon “Greasy Bear” Davis with a ten-foot pole, unless we needed a little greasing for our hairdo that day.

But the oil heir actually seems to have landed Australian model Cheyenne Tozzi, & I’m guessing it’s got something to do with his billions, don’t you think?

But I do have the romantic tendency or two, so maybe Greasy has finally found true love…..NOT!


Malcom’s Frankie Muniz Is All Grown Up


Wow.  Malcom In the Middle’s Frankie Muniz is all grown up & more.

The child actor was spotted sporting some new tattoos, chain wallet, hipster t-shirt & a sour attitude.  I guess Frankie’s rebelling against his good little boy image?  Or maybe just the fact that he’s name is Frankie Muniz…




It’s all Britney Spears’ fault, giving folks the idea that it’s okay to go around Hollywood with bad wigs on her mangy head.

But I would have thought more from Hairspray‘s Motormouth Maybelle, Queen Latifah, who showed up for Wednesday’s premiere of the movie with some kind of blonde poodle-type thing on her head.  You tell me, is this a good look for the queen?


“When I look in the mirror, what I see is pretty banal. Also, when I’m tired I walk like a caveman. And I don’t like my bad moods.”

~Brad Pitt



Actress & hottie Penélope Cruz is packing up & heading across the Atlantic to join Scarlett Johansson in Spain for the as of yet unnamed Woody Allen film.

Cruz was spotted leaving the Hotel Plaza Atheénée in Paris Wednesday & getting ready to fly out to Spain.  I’m not sure I’m going to be able to control myself when I finally do sit down to this upcoming movie, what with such hottness as Penelope & Scarlett acting in it.  Might need to have some kind of emergency medical support on hand, just in case.




Us Weekly has debuted a new annual swimsuit issue, and guess who’s gracing the cover?  None other than Hilary Duff!

If I were to think back a few years ago, I would have never said Hilary would be gracing the cover of anything in  a bikini, except maybe Fattie Weekly.

But Hilary seems to have taken her weight very seriously since she read reports of her sporting a little more weight than she needed to a few years back.  The singer/actress went down from  

“It made me obsessed,” Hil said of her sctrict diet.

“I would beat myself up if I had some fat.”

But when the 5-foot-2 singer/actress went down from 130 to 100 pounds in 2005, sister Haylie stepped in & finally intervened.

“She said, ‘Why are you being so strict with yourself?’It was like an awakening,” revealed Duff.

“I don’t want to be so skinny that people are like, Oh my god, she’s lost a lot of weight.”

As of right now Hilary is very pleased at staying around 109 pounds, saying, ”As you get older, you just get more comfortable in your own skin.”

Congrats to Hilary for finding a good medium balance in there, she looks great!


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