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It’s been a while since Lindsay Lohan came on the scene & started ruining everything from her career to her looks.  I just wanna know this, will it ever stop?


David & wife Victoria “Posh” Beckham were spotted out & about Beverly Hills on Monday.

The trio, with 4-year-old Romeo in tow, were seen scouting out the area for a spot of lunch & some good shopping fun.  Hilariously, Victoria was also trying to give a shout out to family friend Tom Cruise, as she had her tank top embroidered with Jerry Maguire catchphrase, “Show me the money.”

That’s just too cute, guys.




“Yes. I am innocent… did not do drugs they’re not mine. I was almost hit by my assistant Tarin’s mom. I appreciate everyone giving me my privacy.”

~Lindsay Lohan



Now that we all know that good ole Britney Spears did a tell-all for OK! Magazine, we now get to see the glossy cover!

Spears revealed many a tears during the interview & one can only hope the singer was semi-drunk during the whole thing, which seems like the only time the pop princess actually makes any damn sense.

OK! will be publishing the details of Brit’s private meltdown in the upcoming issue that hits newsstands on Friday.  The mag’s Editor-in-Chief Sarah Ivens stated, “OK! Magazine spent a heartbreaking day with Britney Spears and witnessed first-hand an emotional cry for help that will leave you shocked and sad. This week, on newsstands Friday, the truth will be told.”

At just 50 cents per issue, I’ll bet we’ll know at least a dollar’s worth, eh?



Katie Prince has proved to be just as drunk in real life as she looks in this picture.  After welcoming her latest child into the fold less than three weeks ago, the name of her baby daughter has finally been revealed.

Can you guess?  If you guessed Princess Tiáamii then you guessed right, my friend.  Poor girl, now she’s just about doomed for life, not that she wasn’t already with Prince for a mum…



OMG!  Isn’t everyone just sick to freeking death of Lindsay Lohan screwing it all up?  With the world at her fingertips who think she can actually act, money in the bank & a killer bod, LL just doesn’t get it, does she?

Apparently Lohan is in the throws of addiction as well as stupidity, as LL as arrested again for not only another DUI but cocaine possession as well.  Damn, the girl knows how to get into trouble, doesn’t she? 

Mother Dina Lohan was quoted as saying, “I am sick over this. My children, my family, we are like prisoners in our own home because paparazzi [are stalking us] outside [our] home. Lindsay is in a safe place. And we are trying to strategically work out our next step. We are doing everything in our power in support of Lindsay and I won’t give up — this is my daughter and we love her. We are waiting for the press frenzy to die down and leave her alone. And please respect our privacy.”

Lindsay’s father has refused to comment over the whole situation, except to say to stay the hell away from him & his daughter, he is currently on parole so I’d believe his ass.

With Lohan already facing charges for previous DUI, this added trouble isn’t coming at a very good time.  What to you think will come of LL?  I’m just not thinking that she’s going to look so good in orange for the rest of her life…



With the news of not only one but TWO Kate Moss & Pete Doherty celebrity sex tapes possibly being released, I started to wonder, would I actually watch one of them?

I mean, Kate’s certainly hot enough to justify a few moments of sexy hotness, but I think I might actually gag if I saw Pete’s uglies bumping up next to Moss.  You tell me. 




Johnny Depp topless, that’s all you have to say in order for me to have a superfantabulous Monday.

Depp & his life partner Vanessa Paradis were spotted sunning it up on a boat in the Mediterranean recently.  I don’t even mind that Vanessa is in the picture, because Johnny just looks that good!

Lindsay Lohan Likely a Prostitute


Even though Lindsay Lohan is basically a train wreck & a half, it looks like folks still want to put good ole LL in acting roles.

Lohan is rumored to be taking on the role of a prostitute in an upcoming movie about tango legend Carlos Gardel & his involvement with a lady of the night.  Sounds interesting, I guess Linds won’t have to actually act for this one… 


Ahh, summer weddings.  Whether they’re taking place in southern France or the southern U.S., summer weddings are just fun for all.

But who has had the best style so far?

Do you go more for the casual cowboy ceremony of Rebecca Romijn & fellow actor Jerry O’Connell?

Or are you more of a French chateau wedding kinda person, like Eva Longoria & her Tony Parker?  You tell me.



It’s definitely difficult and sort of bizarre to deal with. You do really have to just get into a place where you feel Zen about it. You just have to take a deep breath and know that somebody is going to be taking your picture while you’re going to the laundry and picking up your dry cleaning.

“You don’t understand why somebody cares but they’re there. So you just go about your day and ignore them. That’s the best way to deal with it.”

~Jessica Biel talking about dealing with the paparazzi


Maybe we should start taking bets on how long actress Naomi Watts can hold that baby inside until she freeking pops!

Superpregs Watts was seen full of giggle & laughter at a fabric store in Brentwood on Wednesday.  Naomi was shopping the threads at the Brentwood Country Mart.

Maybe she’s trying to figure out what she has left in her closet that she can actually put even her big toe inside!




Crotchflasher Britney Spears has a new look in town.  We’re calling in the widow hooker look, whatcha think?

Apparently Spears isn’t just walking around the city in this outfit, she’s putting a music video together for her song “Get Back.”  Hopefully the video will bring back a little something that we actually saw in Brit several years ago.

You know, before the whole head shaving, K-Fed-loving, ranting & raving Britney took over.  Here’s hoping for a stellar performance!


Is it just me or have you too noticed that Vanessa Minnillo & Nick Lachey spend more time at airports than actually performing some kind of work for pay?

Minnillo & Lachey were spotted outside LAX on Wednesday, apparently posing for the paps while Nick tried to figure out where the hell  their ride was.  

Vanessa currently has no film or TV projects on the table & poor little Nick hasn’t even been close to the Billboard charts since early 2006 for “What’s Left of Me.”

I guess we’re just pretty much done with this pair.  Maybe that sex tape could do something to boost our interest….



Teen queen Lindsay Lohan made her entrance at the Beverly Hills Police Department Thursday afternoon in order to be officially booked for her DUI from last May.

According to the L.A. Sheriff’s Department, LL was held in custody for about an hour, starting at 4pm.  Lohan was then released on a $30,000 bail. 

Lindsay is scheduled to be back in the court hot set August 24th where her fate will be decided…..  Anyone else rooting for the electric chair?!


After giving birth to her & Dean McDermott’s son Liam Aaron back in March, Tori Spelling decided it was high time to do something about that baby weight she had put on during the pregnancy.

Spelling, who gained a total of 4o pounds during the pregs, has been able to shed 22 pounds of that weight in four months.  How is the Oxygen star doing it?  Lots of kickboxing & ab work.  But, does Tori really look better after all that?  You tell me. 

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