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Wedding pictures from Pamela Anderson & Rick Salomon’s surprise wedding have finally hit the web.

Can I just say that I love the fact that Rick is sporting a knit cap!  Wow.  In the infamous words of Paris Hilton, “That’s hot!”

Photos from the hitching were published in OK! Magazine this week, showing a beaming Pam & knit cap-wearing Rick.  A redneck couple made in heaven, eh? 


“I was very awkward with the opposite sex when I was younger. I think every kid is for a long period of time.

“The only time it changes is when alcohol comes into play, that’s what happened with me. Alcohol helps a lot with women, it smoothes things over.”

~George Clooney on drinking to talk to women


Happy 27th Birthday To Nick Cannon!


A very happy 27th birthday going out to Nick Cannon this fine morning.

I think I will take some time to imagine how Nick is going to celebrate his special day….Hmmm, Nick, you naughty boy, that’s not where the icing goes!!!!



Well, Britney Spears always aims to disappoint, doesn’t she?  And Brit hasn’t failed lately in that regards.

Spears was scheduled to head a backup dancer audition on Tuesday for her upcoming music video, but the singer never showed.  Interestingly, Britney pulled the same exact stunt last week, but the organizers were on top of their game this time, as they had a video recorder on hand.

Apparently all the dancers were video taped & those audition tapes will be sent to Brit who will more than likely mistake them for diapers.


Sporting a very sexy 1920s look, Angelina Jolie was spotted on the set of her upcoming film The Changeling.

The mother of four was seen Monday without the brood or beau Brad Pitt, which was nice for a change!

I guess we know why she’s gotten so skinny…… what with the Great Depression on & everything…..




Just back from an Italian holiday, Matthew McConaughey & his current lady love, Camila Alves, were spotted enjoying themselves in Malibu.  Oh to be a celebrity….or rich anyway….

Sunday the pair spend the day in the California sun while paddle boarding, which, by the way, doesn’t look like too much fun.  But maybe if you have hottness Matt on board, everything is fun?




Are you ready?  It’s that lucky break you were looking for.  Today Britney Spears is holding an open casting call for dancers.  Hooray!

The chosen dancers will be performing on her new video & upcoming tour.  The audition is being held at the Millennium Dance Studio from 5pm to 9pm, so grab your pink leg warmers & head on down.  After all, Brit did marry a backup dancer, so it could be an ever luckier day than you thought…. 


90210’s Luke Perry Turns 41-Years-Old


Your favorite “90210” TV star Luke Perry turns the ripe ole age of 41 today. 

Congrats, Luke, for making it this far & for still being employed as an actor!

No really, happy birthday! 




Lovely Nicole Richie is finally filling out her favorite yellow bikini & the socialite can finally be called healthy.

Spotted beside the pool, the mom-to-be seems to be deep in thought, probably over how fast she can lose the weight after her baby is born….

But for now, Nicole, you look truly fabulous!



The news on the street from a pimp named Slim is that Britney Spears may be wising up, maybe.

According to TMZ, Spears is planning on attending a court hearing today so that she might be able to get overnights with her two sons Sean Preston & Jayden James.

Apparently Brit was urged by her attorneys to expand her visitation rights & attend the hearing today at 8:30am. Wishing Britney the best with this one!!!! More news on this situation as it occurs.


David Lee Roth Celebrates 52nd Birthday!


Well, for those of you who know Van Halen’s David Lee Roth, the rock legend is celebrating his 52nd birthday.

To me that means that I’m even older that I thought I was, just knowing who the hell David Lee Roth is……

Happy freaking birthday all the same, DLR!




And the baby shopping spree continues…. Not that soulstress Christina Aguilera is shopping for a baby exactly, but more like clothes & supplies for the baby in her soft belly.

Xtina & hubby Jordan Bratman hit Beverly Hills on Monday, searching for the perfect essentials for baby.  The couple hit children’s boutique Petit Tresor before stopping for a spot of lunch.  I can’t wait for this babe to be born, Xtina is going to make a great mum, don’t you think?



Britney Spears Passes Drug Test


Guess who passed a drug test this weekend?  Britfreakinngney Spears that’s who!  As part of her court order requiring Britney to perform random drug tests, it looks as if the diva has aced this one!

Hooray for Brit, or at least whomeveer supplied that passing pee!

Now it’s just up to Spears to continue on this good behavior route & show up for parenting coaching.  Brit, we’re all behind you & hoping for good things.  But if it doesn’t work out, can I have one of your thousands of puppies?



Britney Spears As Bartender? WTF?

brit.jpgAs we all know, unless you live under one of those rocks in Central Park, that Britney Spears has been ordered to be sober by a court order.

So, it translates perfectly in Britland that you are then supposed to get an application to become a bartender, right?  WTF?

While staying at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, Britney went downstairs to the bar area & started up a long chat with the bartender there.  Later on, Spears revealed that she wanted to do what the bartender did & thus asked for an application to tend bar at the California hotel. 

Currently the application is in the hands of the hotel’s Human Resources office, and by god let’s hope it stays just there!  Besides, I just don’t see Britney being able to tell a Cosmo from a dirty hole in the Louisiana ground…



Looking distinctly German, Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes were spotted enjoying a long digger at Vietnamese restaurant Si An.

The couple & baby Suri are currently in Berlin, awaiting Cruise’s new movie Valkyrie to wrap up.

You know, I can’t help but say this, even though the aliens are going to come down & take my soul once I do, Tom doesn’t look so horrible in this picture, does he?  More like a respectable German boy you would bring back to mom….


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