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The judge in Britney Spears’ custody battle has found that ” there is a habitual, frequent, and continuous use of controlled substances and alcohol by (Britney).”  RuRoh!

Judge Scott Gordon has now ruled that Brit will have ”to undergo testing for the use of controlled substances and alcohol.”  Apparently the testing will occur twice a week, randomly.  RuRoh!

Looks like Britney may not get the kids after all…..


Amy Winehouse Just Hanging Out…The Window


Crazy Brit Amy Winehouse was spotted hanging out the window of her London flat.

Whether the foul-mouthed singer was drying her beehive or just waiting for the post, it’s your call.

All I can say for this Limey is that she sure needs some new shoes & good face washing!


Mary-Louise Parker Adopts African Baby Girl


“Weeds” TV star Mary-Louise Parker has officially adopted a baby girl from Africa.  Congrats!

This new addition to the family will join Parker’s three-year-old son William & thus the protective big brother years begin.

An insider reveals that the actress is extremely happy about her new daughter, saying, “Mary-Louise is such an incredible mom.  She couldn’t be happier about this.”



“I don’t know what makes it work. But it does. One thing that makes it work is that we’re both pretty nice. He’s not someone who’s ever going to blow up on anyone. What I mean is, if he’s ever angry with me, he doesn’t act out on it in a weird way or yell at me. And I am the same. So we handle conflict in a very loving and adult way.”

~Jennifer Garner on her relationship with hubby Ben Affleck


As if Britney Spears wasn’t already having the worst month eva, her manager up & quits on her sorry ass.

Jeff Kwatinetz of The Firm has rid himself of the funk called Britney in a statement by the management company, saying, “It saddens us to confirm media reports that we have terminated our professional relationship with Britney Spears.

“We believe Britney is enormously talented, and has made a terrific record. But current circumstances have prevented us from properly doing our job. We wish Britney the best.”

Which basically means, “We advised Brit to actually practice for the MTV Video Music Awards instead of staying up late getting drunk & acting a fool.”

Hoping Brit gets her professional shit together, and soon!





Beautiful Jada Pinkett Smith is celebrating her 36th birthday today!

Wonder what Jada is going to get into tonight with hubby Will Smith.  Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s naughty!

Happy b’day, Jada!  Wishing we could personally give you some of those birthday spankings!


Amazingly Amy Winehouse has survived yet another year here on this planet & is actually celebrating her 24th birthday.

So, this Guinness goes out to Amy who we wish a very happy birthday & hopes that she’ll be around till at least next week….


A California woman is apparently suing actor Andy Garcia for stealing her husband’s life without his consent as the basis for the movie The Lost City.

Carol Lee Shulman is suing Garcia for $2.5 million for “research without permission and marketing of life’s events for profit without consent.”

Wow.  If only someone would do that to me, I could just collect & move on down to Maui.




“I run around my house naked with heels all the time. It’s so funny. All my friends will tell you I love running around in kimonos and jewelry or naked with jewelry.”

~Mary-Kate Olsen on loving being naked all the time

Owen Wilson Alive & Well


Owen Wilson is reportedly recovering from his August 26 suicide attempt at home & enjoying a spot of laughter over Billy Bob Thornton’s new movie, Mr. Woodcock. 

According to one source Owen is doing really well, saying, “He’s not crying or drinking. He is normal.” 

I’m just so glad to hear that this Wilson brother is getting that blonde head of his above water.  Hang in there, Luke, I mean Owen.




Happy 30th Birthday To Fiona Apple!


I was a little more than surprise to find out that Fiona Apple was just a little bit older than me, I thought she was actually much older than that.

Anyhoo, wishing Ms. Apple the best 30th birthday eva!



Watch out Israel, the material girl & her posse are heading your way!

Madonna & pals Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher & Donna Karan are fleeing the Sunset Strip for the Holy Land this week.  Madge plans on spending the Jewish holidays with her Kabbalah buddies & maybe a handful of Israeli soldiers as well. 

So, I guess there’s only one thing left to say, Shana tovah!


Tommy Lee Explains It All


After Tommy Lee went & got himself bitch-slapped by none other than Kid Rock at MTV’s Video Music Awards, he decided to do some blogging about the incident.  Here ya go:

Yeah!! … I am minding my own biz having a great time with my friend Criss Angel (magician) and watching the MTV awards in the front row saying hello to all my friends……Pamela comes and sits on my lap who I love and adore….and also say hello to my friend Travis Barker and his wife!…..and i get a text from another friend P. Diddy and he says come sit with me…..and he’s sitting with Miss HOT Megan FOX so I go over and sit with P! Not a minute later and Alicia Keys starts her amazing performance….(“I apologize sweetie…..I had nothing to do with the timing and disrespect”)……back to the stupid-ness!!….so….. I get a tap on the shoulder from Kid Pebble…I stand up and embrace him with a semi hug and say “Hey dude…What up”?? He punches me in the face…..well if ya wanna call it that!?….more like a bitch slap!…….Wuss!! Anyway….i go to knock this jealous country bumpkin the f$%k OUT….and before I can have a meeting with my fist and his ugly ass mug ….security guards… grab me and haul my ass outta the award show! So I’m fine and of course leave to my room with police and owner of the Palm’s George Maloof……the rest is paper work and bullshit!… Anyway…… I would like to apologize to Alicia and George and MTV for the disrespectful bullshit caused by a piece of shit called Kid Pebble!!

Wow, those crazy boys.  I’ve forgotten, when do rockers grow up again?



Halle Berry was spotted in Beverly Hills earlier this week showing off her baby bump with yummy beau Gabriel.

The two were seen running some errands & possibly picking up supplies for the new coming attraction.  So, what are you hoping for, a boy or a girl for this beautiful couple?

I’m thinking a girl myself.




Everybody is hung out to dry now. It’s one thing if you’re up for it and you want it, and you go out without your panties on. But if you’re wearing your panties — gosh darn it, leave me alone!”

~Reese Witherspoon dishing on her feelings about the press


We may have figured out the reason Britney Spears’ MTV VMA performance was so shabby & seemingly horrible.  Apparently Brit could not take her eyes off herself, as she was watching the whole terrible ordeal live on video.

The 25-year-old star left the Video Music Award stage crying, “Oh, my God, I looked like a fat pig! I looked like a fat pig!”  Poor little dear.  I’m afraid she might actually have something there.

I think Britney just needs some good mentoring time with Madonna, don’t you?


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