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5 Celebrity Custody Battles That Were Anything But Amicable

As easy as it may be to assume that celebrities are far removed from the troubles of reality, they, too, face the stress of divorce and custody battles. Far be it for stars to escape legal action when filing for divorce, they often face greater repercussions than the average civilian. When you have more to […]

10 Ugliest Celebs: The Amanda Bynes Edition

2013 is the year of Amanda Bynes. She has risen to become the queen of the universe, knighting whoever she deems ugly on Twitter as she pleases. However, only 10 really stood out, and we’re cheering from the side lines.

NFL Star In Trouble For Choking Tila Tequila

San Diego Chargers’ Shawne Merriman is in police custody after the authorities were called at 3:45am. Tila says that she was choked by Merriman and he physically stopped her from leaving his home. She was brought to the hospital but has since then been released. As for the NFL star, he has a $58,000 bail, […]

Susan Boyle Cancels Concert

Susan Boyle seems to be really struggling with her newfound career. She just pulled out of a concert because she wanted her cat. Witnesses say she kept shouting “I want my cat!” and wouldn’t do anything else. The poor thing. Maybe she really isn’t cut out for this?

What’s Up With Billy Bob?

The multi-awarded actor was recently interviewed in a Canadian radio show, in which he acted really weird. He didn’t answer the simplest of questions and even cussed at the host. It seems that he took offense at the mention of his acting career when he is currently touring with his band for Willie Nelson. Don’t […]

Lindsay Stalking Sam?

Lindsay is devastated over her breakup with DJ Sam. This despite the fact that she said they did it so Lindsay can focus on herself? I think it has reached the point that Sam’s family is considering a restraining order against Lindsay! Bad…

Wanted: Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay is in trouble with the law. This time it looks serious. A warrant of arrest was released yesterday, in connection with a DUI charge in 2007. Nothing has been heard from her or her lawyer.

Kanye Dishes It Out (TO TMZ)

Lily Allen is not the only one “upset” at paps right now. Kanye West, who has been heard saying that he’d be nicer to paps, seems to have had a change of heart. According to TMZ, he had his boys “handle hid business” but to make sure to “Say some disrespectful s**t to TMZ.” I […]

Lily Allen Hits Back

She’s shown that she is not to be messed with – by hitting and kicking photographers. I guess she had her fill of paps and just snapped. No excuse, though, huh?

Chris Brown’s Manager: No Text Messages

Tina Davis, Chris Brown’s manager, was reportedly the reason behind the fight between Rihanna and the singer. Davis allegedly sent a 3-page text message that Rihanna discovered, prompting an argument that led to the assault. David denies it and refuses to further make comments. Oh yeah, the manager and singer were supposed to have an […]

Sam Ditches Lindsay

I don’t know about you but another publicized fight between lovers Sam and Lindsay is not a surprise. This time, the couple had a fight in Las Vegas, which ended up in Sam ditching Lindsay. Naturally, Lindsay created another scene….

50 Cent On Rihanna And Chris Brown

It took a leaked photo of a battered Rihanna for him to say something to the effect that it’s not funny. Let me tell you, 50, it never was funny in the first place! Ask Rihanna that – even if she were not that battered, she probably wouldn’t have thought it funny. Ever.

Charles Barkley Is Going To Jail

The basketball superstar has been sentenced to 10 days in jail due to his DUI conviction. He is only going to serve 5 of those days, though, if he completes an alcohol education program. He was also fined $2,000.

Chris Brown’s Stepdad Speaks Out

According to Chris Brown’s stepdad, he is “not surprised” at the turn of events. He continues to say that Chris should take responsibility for his actions. Interesting words from someone who allegedly abused his wife. Tsk tsk.

Rihanna Suffering From Horrible Injuries

TMZ reports that the Rihanna has “horrific” injuries. Apparently, she was the woman who was with Chris Brown in the car when he was reported to have been involved in a violent incident. Rihanna claims that Chris Brown assaulted her.

Chris Brown’s Meltdown

Chris Brown has fallen from grace, which is quite a surprise as this star has always had a very clean image. He has been booked for assault on his (now ex) girlfriend Rihanna. Watch his arrest on TMZ.

Allow them Their own Sites?

Actors and actresses have been putting up their own web sites and celebrity blogs for sometime. While there are a lot of notable ones, some do end up pissing off the fans and other artists as they go on documenting their own fame and life. Do we allow these people to continue and glorify their […]

Recording Of Christian Bale’s Rant OUT

The Dark Knight is turning into the Terminator but his personality does not seem to be improving any. Last summer, rumors circulated that Christian Bale lashed out at a member of the film crew. It was not until the recording of that tirade was released that people actually realized the harshness of the incident. Calm […]

Kelly Osbourne Enters Rehab

The Osbournes’ daughter is the latest celebrity to enter rehab. According to her spokesperson, “Kelly Osbourne has voluntarily entered a medical facility to address some personal issues.” Nothing more has been said except that Kelly will speak once she gets out. Good luck, girl!