Hannah Montana No More?

This is what Billy Ray Cyrus, Hannah Montana’s father – both on TV and in real life – has declared. He said that after the next season, which they are filming, they won’t be doing it anymore. Then again, he said that things might change and that you never know.

Edie Falco Is Now Nurse Jackie

She used to be Carmela Soprano, wife of mobster Tony Soprano. When the series ended after a very long run, her future seemed unsure. She waited a couple of years and now is Nurse Jackie. Critics seem to think that it is a good move for her. I guess we have to watch and see […]

New Album From Whitney Houston

I was not really holding my breath, to be honest with you. But for those who are interested, Whitney Houston is coming out with a new album on September 1. It has not been titled yet, but if you are a fan, you should be beside yourself with excitement.

LeAnn Rimes Stalker: Cibrian’s Wife

Eddie Cibrian’s wife, Brandi Glanville, says that LeAnn Rimes just can’t let go of her husband. Cibrian and Rimes were co-stars in the movie Lifetime. According to Glanville, Rimes keeps texting and calling, and that Cibrian has already changed numbers but she just won’t stop…

Josh Duhamel: No Need For Speed?

Well, he is actually looking for speed, about the 120mph out of a turn kind. He is driving the pace car for the Indy 500 but so far has not been able to reach that speed. Luck to him.

Chris Brown Going Country?

Oh please. Was his career hurt that badly because of his beating up Rihanna that he needs to make a spectacle out of himself? I know he can sing R&B but come on now, country? Leave that to the real country musicians.

Ron White To Have His Last Laugh

In case you didn’t know, comedian Ron White has a new album out. Dubbed “”Behavioral Problems,” it has become a certified hit in no time at all. Unfortunately, White says it’s going to be his last! (OK, Ron White is NOT in that pic, but his good friends Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy […]

Jimmy Fallon Gets College Degree

He’s funny. He’s quirky. He’s a college graduate. Jimmy Fallon, of Saturday Night Live and Late Night fame, got his college diploma at 34 years old. Kudos to him!

Eric Bana Shares His Other Love

Eric Bana is probably most known for his role as The Hulk, but he has had numerous successful movies. He is, in fact due for another success with the new Star Trek movie. Anyhow, he recently shared his other love – cars. He has a new documentary called Love the Beast, which is obviously about […]

Rihanna Ready For A Comeback

No matter what others may say, I think that the way she handled her thing with Chris Brown just reeks of something not quite right. Her producers and representatives are quick to say that she is ready to make new hits and make a comeback. I don’t know about that, really.