Clay Aiken On America’s Next Top Model

Not as a contestant but as a judge! Fancy that – after enduring being on the hot seat as an American Idol contestant, the tables have turned for Clay Aiken. Now, it’s his turn to be the judge. Congratulations are in order, I suppose.

Lawrence Taylor New Dancing Star?

If Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter feed is to be believed, the football celebrity just might be seen in Dancing with the Stars. Ashton’s twitter read: “Just met LT, the old school, lawrence Taylor. Expect to see him in prime time soon. Can’t say where but he better work on his foot work.”

Kelly Rowland Splits From Manager

Kelly Rowland’s splitting with her manager, who happens to be Beyonce’s dad. As heavy as the split may be, it is not going to affect her relationship with the family, according to Rowland. What’s next for her? Nothing as of yet.

Paul McCartney At Colbert Report

Beatles fans, make sure you don’t miss this one. Tune in to Comedy Central tonight watch The Colbert Report to enjoy Paul McCartney as he discusses his latest project, Electric Argument.

Gisele Bundschen Goes On A Rampage

Fashion line Rampage just got a new model in their line up. It’s no less than Gisele Bundschen, the Brazilian bombshell. How much will you bet that they are going to experience an increase in sales pretty soon?

Hannah Montana: The Movie

The teenage pop star is going to the next level – she is coming out with her own movie, slated to be released in April. In the movie, she plays herself – albeit with a different last name. It’s nothing new, I think, but Hannah Montana fans will surely look forward to this.

Patrick Swayze To Write Memoir

Patrick Swayze has announced that he will be writing the story of his life, together with Lisa Nieme, his wife of 33 years. In March of last year, the actor told the world that he had pancreatic cancer and that he just wants to pen his life’s journey.

Meet Joaquin Phoenix, The Rapper

Sometimes you can’t understand why people do the things they do and for Joaquin Phoenix to retire from acting (which he was excellent at, by the way) to embark on a career as a rapper…I am at a loss for words.

Jackie Chan As Mr. Miyagi?

If the talks between the producers and the martial arts actor go well, we have a new Mr. Miyagi on our hands. Columbia is set to remake Karate Kid, a classic in its own right, and though the underlying theme and plot of the remake would be the same, there are significant changes to be […]

Jen Hudson To Sing The National Anthem

…at the Superbowl no less! It’s a good thing for this diva, who has had a horrendous past few months with the murder of those closest to her. Wishing her all the best!

Kara DioGuardi Engaged!

Who? Some of you may be asking but shame on you for not knowing who the new American Idol judge is! Kara DioGuardi is one of the reasons for the build up of excitement for the new season of American Idol. But there is more news than her being part of the show – she […]

Brendan Fraser In New Medical Drama

We have not seen or heard from him much lately but if accounts are true, Brendan Fraser will be out in the limelight again soon. He is reported to be working on a medical drama with no less than Harrison Ford. No title has been chosen yet but we do know that the drama is […]

Meet Steve Carell The TV Producer

He’s not only a funny man on the screen but he can also create shows of his own! Talk about an all around Hollywood man. That’s Steve Carell for you. Let’s see how his TV producer endeavor turns out.

Spelling In 90210?

Why??? She never was anyone’s favorite back then. What makes the producers think that she would be a hit in the remake 90210? Darned if I know but it is said that Jason Priestley is going to direct her debut episode. Talk about awkward!

Woody Allen Plays Jazz For The Polish

I never knew that Woody Allen could play music!  Apparently, he wowed his Polish audience of about 3,000 on Sunday when he performed with his jazz band.  Allen played the clarinet and got a standing ovation for his efforts.

Amy Poehler: Bye SNL!

First it’s Tina Fey. Now it’s Amy Poehler. What’s Saturday Night Live coming to? I’ll remember her for a lot of things but I think one of the most hilarious roles she played was Katie Couric interviewing Sarah Palin. Whatcha think?

The Nanny For Senator!

Fran Drescher, former star of The Nanny has offered her name as a possible replacement for Hilary Clinton‘s seat in the senate, alongside Caroline Kennedy. It’s not that far-fetched actually, as the cancer-survivor has already had a hand in politics, being recently appointed as a diplomat for U.S. health issues, where she toured Eastern Europe. […]

Twilight’s Bella To Play Joan Jett

Kristen Stewart, the actress who played the angsty vampire-loving teen Bella in the movieTwilight (yes, the book was a LOT better) is set to play rocker Joan Jett in her upcoming biopic. According to the Hollywood Reporter: “The film, The Runaways, which will depict the 1970s all-girl band’s meteoric rise and fall, is being executive-produced […]

Miley Cyrus to write autobiography

This is just unbelievable. Miley Cyrus has gotten a book deal to write her autobiography. Yes, a 15 year old will, for all intents and purposes, write her memoirs. Next up, Suri Cruise appears on E! True Hollywood Stories.