“The Office” Actress Is Divorcing Office Producer/Writer

Angela Kinsey, the actress who plays Angela on the hit NBC show The Office is ending her marriage. The man she’s divorcing? Warren Lieberstein, a writer and producer for the show his wife acts on. According to TMZ, the couple filed for divorce last week at L.A. County Superior Court, with Angela citing “irreconcilable differences.” […]

Sandra Bullock Signs Papers, Finalizes Divorce

It’s official, the train wreck known as Sandra Bullock and Jessie James has come to an end. Last week the pair placed their signatures on the final divorce paperwork to officially end their marriage. The sealed documents were delivered to the Clerk’s Office in TravisĀ  County, Texas. The power couple filed for divorce in April […]

Another Gary Coleman Will? The Insanity Continues, Mystery Woman Involved

It’s a new day which means time for a whole new Gary Coleman Will. Entertainment Tonight is reporting that the new Third Will leaves everything to a new mystery woman in Coleman’s life. The woman, Anna Gray, apparently met Coleman in 1997 and according to Coleman’s agent Robert Malcom the two became friends and eventually […]

Gary Coleman’s Family Clashes Over Body, Funeral Delayed

One-time child star Gary Coleman was suppose to be laid to rest this weekend, now we’ve come to learn that those plans have been post-poned as different factions of his family and former family feud over what to do with his body. The battle is specifically focusing on a fight between Coleman’s ex-wife and his […]

Dennis Hopper Laid To Rest By Family And A-List Friends

Dennis Hopper’s memorial service occurred today in Rancho De Toas, New Mexico and the actors friends and family were on hand to witness his burial, among those friends in attendance were Jack Nicholson and Val Kilmer. The 74 year-oldĀ  actor was laid to rest after he lost his battle to cancer this week, he was […]

Usher And Tameka Officially Divorced

Usher and Tameka Foster Raymond are officially divorced. We heard news about Usher filing for divorce earlier this year and how Tameka was contesting the details. Last week, the court gave the final decision on the divorce – they are both officially single now!

Rihanna’s Thoughts On Chris Brown

Remember my post about Rihanna breaking her silence on Chris Brown and their relationship? Let me correct myself – the interview will air today on Good Morning America and tomorrow on 20/20. Anyhow, a sneak peek: she said that he was her first big love, but that they were dangerous for each other. Oh, the […]

Rihanna To Speak Up About Chris Brown Incident

In several months, it will have been a year since Chris Brown beat up Rihanna, and it is only now that the female singer will be breaking her silence about the whole thing. In the meanwhile, Chris Brown has been sentenced to community service, Rihanna has been churning out hits. Tune in to Good Morning […]

Jon Gosselin Will Forever Love Hailey

Jon Gosselin has said his piece. He and Hailey are taking time apart to figure their lives out, and he admits that he had been taking his frustrations out on her. He says, though, that he will always love her. Don’t they all say that?