Simon Cowell gave ex multi-million dollar gift

Color me jealous. Simon Cowell reportedly gave his ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour $9.6 million as a gift for their split-up. Before you even make any kind of speculations, it was Seymour who broke up with Cowell. Dang, the girl just hit the jackpot without even hooking Cowell.

John Mayer: no chemistry with Jen

John Mayer speaks up on the break up with Jennifer Aniston. No, it’s not what people think — no ugly cat fights or third parties. Just no chemistry. He seemed emotional, nervous and sad. “She is one of the smartest, most sophisticated women I know.”

Breaking up?

So is it true? Have John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston split up? Multiple sources have confirmed it, with one adding that “they are in different places in their life.” That’s funny. Jennifer Aniston’s done nothing but go to his concerts since they started dating in April.

Free and at peace

Christie Brinkley’s happy… finally. They’ve reached a divorce settlement and she gets to keep her kids and her properties. Good for her!!! She doesn’t need him!!!

Another love song gone wrong

Michael Buble may be known for his love songs, but apparently there’s no romantic ending for him and his girlfriend of three years, Emily Blunt. The two broke up, probably struggling with the problems of a long distance relationship. Oh well.

Drew ditches Justin

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long have split up! The couple have declined to comment. Aaaw… they looked so cute together. We were so hoping it would work out.

Hah, who needs him?

Anne Hathaway may have broken up with boyfriend Raffaello Follieri but she certainly looks like she’s moved on. In fact, her co stars never even guessed what she was going through. Brave girl, Anne! And besides, you could do so much better than that guy anyway.

Shania opens up

Shania Twain admits that she was hit hard by the end of her marriage to Robert “Mutt” Lange. The two were together for 14 years. She thanks her fans for their support. “I wanted you all to know that I could not be getting through this without you. Your letters, emails and words of encouragement […]

He’s a free man again!

How sad! George Clooney and Sarah Larson have broken up! The two had been dating for about a year, and the whole celebrity-falls-in-love-with-cocktail-waitress thing was really cute. Ah well. Only goes to show that Hollywood is not a Hollywood movie.

Shania betrayed by best friend!

See that woman next to Shania Twain in the picture? She WAS one of her best friends… until she and Shania’s husband had an affair! That’s the real reason behind the breakup, says some sources.

Shania Twain splits up with hubby

Shania Twain announced that she was separating from husband Robert Lange. She reported problems as early as 2000, but they’d been trying to work things out. Sadly, no go.

Alanis’ revenge

Alanis Morisette, best known for her angsty songs, has plenty of new emotional material now that her ex is engaged to Scarlett Johanssen. The two broke up years ago, which she reveals, caused her to hit rock bottom. But she’s okay now, and with a CD that chronicles her climb back to sanity. If life […]

Mary Louise’s Engagement is Off

Mary Louise Parker, and her beau of two years Weeds co-star and the doomed love interest of Katherine Heigl in Grey’s Anatomy, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, have broken of their engagement. Boo hoo. They were engaged earlier this year, and seem to have on of those on-again-off-again relationships, so wouldn’t be surprised if things change again […]

Star Jones getting a divorce!

After a very public wedding several years ago (it had sponsors, for chrissakes) Star Jones has — surprise, surprise — filed for divorce. “Several years ago I made an error in judgment by inviting the media into the most intimate area of my life. A month ago I filed for divorce. The dissolution of a […]

Kanye West dumps fiancee?

Rapper Kanye West and fiancee designer Alexis Phifer have announced that they’re ending their engagement. Though Phifer says they’re still friends, she’s still sad — and maybe, shocked. A friend of Kanye reveals that the couple have been having problems, and that the rapper’s been really busy with his career. “Kanye is really focused on […]

Robin Williams enters another divorce

Even comedian Robin Williams will find little to laugh about the recent turn of events. Marsha Garces Williams recently filed for divorce because of “irreconcilable differnces.” They had been married for 19 years. They have two kids: Zelda, 18, and son Cody, 16. This is Williams’ second divorce. The separation also ends their working relationship; […]

A “goodbye” kiss

Ooooooh, baby! Victoria Beckham gets a good luck kiss from hubby right before her final performance as a Spice Girl. Yes, the tour’s finally over, but get your nostalgia trip from other backstage scenes.

Sean and Robin Head For Splitsville

After 11 years of marital ups and downs which survived two California wildfires and produced two children (Dylan Frances, 16 and Hopper Jack, 14), actors Sean Penn, 47 and Robin Wright 41, are heading for the divorce courts. It was second marriage (the first was infamously to Madonna) and subsequent divorce of Sean Penn.