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Perez Hilton’s Carn-Evil Day!

Hollywood’s famous gossip Perez Hilton turned 32 last week, and he made sure that he celebrated it with his favorite people.

Taylor Lautner: 18 and Legal

One of the biggest teen heartthrobs, Taylor Lautner, turned 18 this month and we didn’t even hear anything about it! Why? Well, that’s because he didn’t really celebrate it.

Rihanna’s Birthday Lap Dance

…And no, it wasn’t from a hot male stripper! RiRi celebrated her 22nd birthday last Saturday with her 25-year-old boyfriend Matt Kemp and a few close friends. They went barhopping in Scottsdale, Arizona, and one particular bar had a little stripper who gave Rihanna a very special lap dance. Check out this video from TMZ: […]

Diddy Jr.’s Sweet 16

If Diddy were my daddy, I’d want the ultimate Sweet 16 party, too! Justin Dior Combs, son of R&B mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, celebrated his 16th birthday last Saturday with a “Prince of New York” themed party. Like father, like son. New York’s M2 Ultra Lounge hosted the lavish Diddy party, except that the drinks […]

Happy Birthday, Taylor Swift!

“I’m twenty,” country superstar Taylor Swift tweeted a few hours before she said goodbye to her teenage years. According to, she celebrated her 20th birthday with a Christmas-themed party in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Taylor Swift turned 20 last Sunday. “It’s more like an end-of-year Christmas party that happens to be on my birthday,” she said. […]

Happy 29th To Kim Kardashian

She partied hard, and celebrated her 29th birthday with style (as usual) at the TAO Asian Bistro and Nightclub in Las Vegas. I think it’s hilarious to have sponsors decorating your birthday cake, though! Photo courtesy of US Magazine

Simon Cowell’s Half Century Bash

What are your plans for your 50th birthday party? If you’re Simon Cowell, you’d rent out Wrotham Park in Hertfordshire, England. It’s this private mansion that the rich people rent to hold private parties. Look at that tent – maybe he’s planning to invite all American Idol contestants, past and present?

Heidi Pratt Gets Puppy For Her Birthday

Pets – dogs in particular – seem to be a popular thing with Hollywood stars. While Jessica Simpson is frantically looking for her maltipoo Daisy, Heidi Pratt is proudly showing off her new maltipoo Dolly. She is a birthday gift from husband Spencer. I guess we’ll be seeing Dolly around a lot.

Spike Lee Throws Birthday Party For Michael Jackson

Filmmaker Spike Lee threw a birthday bash for the late Michael Jackson in Brooklyn. He would have turned 51. Countless fans were present; DJ Spinna played. At first, it looked like the weather would not cooperate but everything turned out fine for the thousands of fans who were present to celebrate the life of their […]

Brody Jenner Celebrates Birthday In Hospital

The Hills actor was taken to the hospital for a case of appendicitis. Unfortunately for him, he had to spend his 26th birthday there. He tweets how much it sucks to be there on his birthday but that he’s happy because he’s got his lady with him. Get well soon, then.

Shania Twain To Have A Giveaway On 44th Birthday

The country singer is turning 44 on August 28 (she doesn’t look 44, does she?) and she promises fan a little something on that day. She says that she wants fans to visit her web site on that day, and that she will be giving everyone who visits a small gift. Just for the heck […]

Rumer Willis Turns 21

Demi Moore’s daughter celebrated her 21st birthday in Vegas. Rumer Willis was joined by her star studded family, including Demi Moore, and stepfather Ashton Kutcher; dad Bruce Willis and stepmother Emma Heming. Of course, her friends were there to help her out with the fun, too.

Madonna Celebrates Birthday In Poland

Amidst protests from residents who felt that Madonna’s concert date was ill-chosen (it coincided with a major Roman Catholic holiday), the star’s fans celebrated her birthday with her with a couple of songs. To the outpouring of emotions, Madonna replied “I feel your love!” She turned 51.

Happy Birthday To Conan O’Brien!

Not everyone loves this redheaded talk show host but he does have his appeal, don’t you think? Anyway, he celebrated his birthday – the 46th – on Sunday. Greetings to the redheaded one!

Princess Suri Turns Three

Suri just turned 3, and she had the time of her life at her party. It was princess-themed, complete with a Beauty and the Beast cake. The party was small, but the celebrations were big. Happy birthday little Princess!

Miley’s New Ride

How does it feel to be 16 and be known all over the world? Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana should know the answer. She also knows how it feels to have a hand-me-down Porsche for her first car. Not bad for a new old car, huh?

Ashlee turns white trash

Ashlee Simpson celebrated her birthday in, uhm, style. The pregnant singer threw a white-trash themed birthday party. Sources say, “she wore Daisy Dukes and platform flip-flops with a bathing suit and a fake tattoo around her belly.” Cute idea. They should’ve invited the Spears family — who have got that theme down pat.

Jennifer’s big surprise

How sweet of Jennifer Lopez! The actress threw a surprise birthday bash for her husband, Marc Antony. She told him the weekend was “too busy” to do anything special for his 40th birthday, then surprised him with a Cuban-themed bash. Marc Antony was “blown away” by the wonderful preparations.