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The Official First Family Photo

The first official photo of the First Family has been released, and does it look good! Taken by no less than Annie Leibovitz, the family photo was taken in the Green Room of the White House. If you want your own copy, visit The Official White House Photostream.

Hula Hoopin! What a first lady!

We know she’s got rythmn but we now we know that she sure has the moves…at least when it comes to hula hooping. Michelle Obama managed to 142 turns before the hula hoop fell. Now that is impressive! The hula hooping was all part of the Healthy Kids Fair held at the White House South […]

Obama Thinks Kanye Is A J****ss

Who doesn’t? Anyway, President Obama was being interviewed by CNBC’s John Harwood and during the pre-interview chatter (which is off the record), the talk inevitably turned to Kanye West’s stunt at the VMAs. When asked why he think Kanye did it, the President’s reply was a quick “He’s a jackass.” The President quickly appealed to […]

Oprah Dissed By Rev. Wright

Oprah seems to be a favorite for celebrity critics these days. First it was Chris Brow, now it’s Rev. Wright. Remember President Obama’s ex-pastor was interviewed by TMZ and he said that Oprah is merely an entertainer and that she cannot really help people because she doesn’t know anything about social policy. What’s with these […]

Senator Edward Kennedy Passes Away

Senator Edward Kennedy passed away on Tuesday in his home. He was the last brother in the legendary Kennedy dynasty. He was much revered and respected all throughout the nation. President Obama said that he was one of the greatest US senators of all time. May he rest in peace.

Jessica Biel: Most Dangerous Celebrity

It’s probably not what you’re thinking. McAfee Inc., known for its virus scanner, conducted a survey about celebrities which will most likely get you malware over the Internet if you do a search on them. At the top of the list, we have Jessica Biel, who is followed closely by Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Brady […]

The Obamas Or Brangelina?

Ok gals, who is the hottest couple in America today? conducted a survey to find out and guess what, Brangelina came out on top, with the Obamas running a close second. The First Couple can certainly give Brangelina a run for their money, don’t you think? Do you agree with the poll?

Glenn Beck’s Obama Remark Biting Him In The Behind

Seriously, what was he expecting? You call your African-American president racist on national TV and you are unlikely to be praised for that. Glenn Beck spoke his mind late in July and his remark seems to be backfiring. Sponsors are pulling out and ads for his show are being canceled as well. How’s he gonna […]

Obamas Go Country

This week, the Obamas brought country to the White House. They had Alison Krauss, Union Station, and Brad Paisley (among others) perform at the White House. The president said that despite being a city boy, he realizes how country music brings hope to the nation. Amen to that?

Kal Penn Starts Work At The White House

He left House three months ago and announced his career move – to the White House. Kal Penn, now taking on his real name Kalpen Modi, started his job as a liaison officer yesterday. Good luck, buddy!

Obamas Go To Paris

President Barack Obama has been going around to spread his message. The kids have just gotten out of school. Now they’re all headed to Paris for their first “field trip” out of the country. Have fun girls!

We Have A New First Puppy!

Remember the president’s acceptance speech when he said the girls are going to get a new puppy? It has finally come true. They are getting a Portuguese water dog, a gift from Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who has Porties of his own. And the first puppy’s name? Bo.

Obama Slammed By Palin

Not about his political moves or policies, but because of a joke he made while he was on Jay Leno’s show. Obama mentioned something about the Special Olympics and how his bowling scores were just about the same as those in the event. Palin took offense, having a child with Down’s syndrome. Understandable.

Obama On Jay Leno

President Obama will be appearing tonight on Jay Leno’s talk show. I think that this is a first for the new President, and we should be able to see him from a lighter perspective. Let’s watch it, shall we?

George Clooney Meets With Obama

While Elton John was busy making money off of stars, George Clooney was not to be seen at The Oscars. Where was he? He had an important meeting with the President regarding his trip to Darfur! Clooney went to Darfur as a UN Messenger of Peace.

Obamas Live It Up @ Inauguration Concert

I bet a lot of kids would give an arm and a leg to be in the shoes of Malia and Sasha Obama right now! What with all the attention, a new dog, and a free concert (organized for them) – the kids and their parents had a grand time at We Are One: The […]