The Official First Family Photo

The first official photo of the First Family has been released, and does it look good! Taken by no less than Annie Leibovitz, the family photo was taken in the Green Room of the White House. If you want your own copy, visit The Official White House Photostream. … [Read more...]

Hula Hoopin! What a first lady!

We know she's got rythmn but we now we know that she sure has the least when it comes to hula hooping. Michelle Obama managed to 142 turns before the hula hoop fell. Now that is impressive! The hula hooping was all part of the Healthy Kids Fair held at the White … [Read more...]

Obama Thinks Kanye Is A J****ss

Who doesn't? Anyway, President Obama was being interviewed by CNBC's John Harwood and during the pre-interview chatter (which is off the record), the talk inevitably turned to Kanye West's stunt at the VMAs. When asked why he think Kanye did it, the President's reply was a … [Read more...]

Oprah Dissed By Rev. Wright

Oprah seems to be a favorite for celebrity critics these days. First it was Chris Brow, now it's Rev. Wright. Remember President Obama's ex-pastor was interviewed by TMZ and he said that Oprah is merely an entertainer and that she cannot really help people because she doesn't … [Read more...]

Senator Edward Kennedy Passes Away

Senator Edward Kennedy passed away on Tuesday in his home. He was the last brother in the legendary Kennedy dynasty. He was much revered and respected all throughout the nation. President Obama said that he was one of the greatest US senators of all time. May he rest in … [Read more...]