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High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale is engaged – and she feels like she’s on “top of the world!”

Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French are just too adorbs. (Zimbio)

Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French are just too adorbs. (Zimbio)

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Hollywood’s famous gossip Perez Hilton turned 32 last week, and he made sure that he celebrated it with his favorite people.

Perez Hilton Carn-Evil 2010

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Ashley Tisdale Is A Hellcat

The Disney star finally graduated from high school and is on her way to college. With the High School Musical franchise finally behind her, Ashley Tisdale signed up for CW’s new series, Hellcats.

Ashley Tisdale in CW Hellcats

(c) CW

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Stars See Green

Now that you’ve finally nursed your hangover from last Wednesday, let’s see how some of the stars celebrated St. Patrick’s Day.

Nadine Coyle Celebrates St Patrick's Day

(c) Bauer Griffin

Girls Aloud’s Nadine Coyle and her boyfriend Jason Bell celebrated St. Patrick’s day at her parents’ pub—complete with an Irish band, bagpipes, and even an English double-decker bus.

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Ashley Tisdale Fixed Her Side Face


It’s no secret that Ashley Tisdale got a nose job a little while back and before it I would say she was a cute girl. Rarely do nose jobs work out well for people, but seeing this side angle of Ashley makes me think she made the right decision. Sure she is going against the thing God created, but isn’t that how it works? We are all gods in our heads and therefore we like to think we can make our own decisions about the bodies that we believe our own.

Do I think we might not own our bodies? Of course I might think that because if we did wouldn’t we choose to keep them forever and never die? I think most of us would except for the married people of the world. These people look like they want to commit suicide and still don’t because deep down they know they don’t own their bodies. Maybe it happens once you put the ring on the finger, I wouldn’t know because I haven’t done it yet and probably never will.

That is simply how I roll. If you don’t roll like me then you wouldn’t understand the bond that Ashley and I have. The bond is unbreakable, not like her nose. That wasn’t an insult. If you knew anything about medical health you would know that you have to break the nose to get it redone.

I’m smart enough to be a doctor, but choose not to be one. I don’t play god.


Ashley Tisdale is Alice in Wonderland?

Ashley Tisdale

There are so many things that baffle me about this photo that I don’t even have words in German to describe it. There is a whole set of these for her new album, but I couldn’t bring myself to post them. She is young so I can only hope she is doing collagen injections on her lips already. The world knows she got a bit of a nose job, but that is understandable, however there is no reason to get the fatty lip injection.

Remember when Hilary Duff got them and she came out all weird looking? Now it doesn’t even appear as if she has lips. This was a very tricky outfit for Ashley to pull off though. I want to stare at her lips to help gain a better understanding of life, however I am also drawn to the ridiculous stockings that she is wearing. I literally have one eye up and one eye down. I am a bit concerned that I might get permanent sticky face.

It must suck for her being lost in the Zac Effron / Vanessa Hudgens spotlight, but she will break out of it eventually because she has that bitchy attitude thing going for her. Disney is just keeping her in the shadows until Miley turns hooker and can pull of anymore tricks.

Sorry, I lost my train of thought there as I went back to look at her lips and now I find myself strangely attracted to them. This woman is a witch I tell you. I knew I should’ve returned her calls.


Ashley Tisdale Breaks Free Of Disney Image

\ A Summer Soiree\ The Magic of Mentoring
They all do it at one point or another, these Disney teeny boppers. This time, it’s Ashley Tisdale. She is Sharpay no more, but a cast member in Aliens in the Attic. I wonder how her High School Musical fans will like it?

Ashley Tisdale’s New Nose

Like Jennifer Aniston,  Ashley also had good reason to get a nose job, and no, it wasn’t to shed the Jewish-American-Princess look.  It was because of a “deviated septum“, caused by a car and dance accident which caused her to have difficulty breathing.

Yesterday, the teen star who plays the acid-tongued Sharpay in High School Musical, revealed her new nose at a New York benefit concert.


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