Josh Hartnett and Amanda Seyfried Are Keeping it Hush Hush ….

Hollywood heart throbs are the bread and butter of the paparazzi and the juice of tabloids. Not a single one of them can escape the roving eye of cameras whenever they’re out on the town with their latest flame and flavour of the month. If you’re the type who stalks a certain … [Read more...]

Amanda Seyfried’s Red Carpet “Boo-boo”

Stylists are quite inventive. They get away with changing the rules of fashion. Having worked for fashion magazines in the past, I myself have done the unthinkable. We can turn tube tops into skirts. We have asked models to wear ruffled skirts as tops. An oversized t-shirt can be … [Read more...]

Amanda Seyfried Spreads Love On Esquire

The 24-year-old actress gets naughty for Esquire’s April 2010 issue. Photographed by Kayt Jones, Amanda dons lace and black undergarments for the sexy photo shoot. Here are some tidbits of the Big Love star’s interview with Tom Chiarella. On her new dog, an Australian … [Read more...]

Amanda Seyfried owns the #1 movie in America

I've clowned on Lindsay Lohan. I've clowned on Rachel McAdams. I've clowned on Lacey Chabert. Now I have to stop clowning on Amanda Seyfried for a while because she toppled Avatar to claim the number one spot in the box office this past weekend. The one mean girl from Mean Girls … [Read more...]

Amanda Seyfried because I like to punish myself

We recently got together and had a laugh about how Lacey Chabert was the middle mean girl, but with Amanda starring in a couple of movies recently it seems like she is at the bottom. Amanda moves into 3rd place in the Mean Girls status quo and I definitely didn't see that … [Read more...]