Why So Many Celebrities Have Nervous Breakdowns

When it comes to reading about the latest news about celebrities it seems like a common theme is always someone having a nervous breakdown or on the verge of entering a mental institution. This may leave you scratching your head wondering, “How can a life of fame and fortune possible have gotten someone so sad?” However, despite what things may look like from the outside, it isn’t all perfect as it seems.

Even though things may seem perfect from an outsider’s perspective life as a celebrity can be just as difficult if not more so in day to day life. Here is why they are often prone to nervous breakdowns.

Constant Scrutiny From The Media

Celebrities are under the constant watch of the media and frequently being picked apart about their every move. The popularity of media is so big right now that the public demands to know celebrity’s every move. People want to know everything from what they ate for dinner to whether they hired a dog bite attorney.

With this kind of constant pressure under the microscope, it can be enough to make a person go nuts. Fearing judgment constantly and wondering whether whatever you do will make the cover of a magazine is a lot of pressure. Some people simply aren’t equipped to withstand this kind of life and crack after a while.

Too Much Attention in Public

Imagine every time that you stepped out into the public eye, people were constantly asking for your autograph or staring at you. Even though being famous may seem glamorous, it can be incredibly frustrating after a while not to be able to go to a store and simply buy cereal without having to talk to 25 people in one aisle alone and give 139 autographs, and appear on 3 blogs by the time you reach your car again.

This kind of pressure to have to interact and be constantly under watch is why many celebrities resort to aggression with their fans. The need to be friendly constantly is a lot for one person to take on. At the end of the day, they are only human. Everyone gets grumpy and just wants to be invisible once in awhile.

Access To Drugs And Alcohol

The life of a celebrity is full of plenty of temptation wherever they go. Unfortunately, a large part of the celebrity scene is drugs and alcohol. When you combine the pressures of being a celebrity with the effects of drugs and alcohol people can start to break down quickly and become addicted to substances easily.

This can start to make them feel isolated and lonely which will only worsen their issues.