What Has Happened to the O.J. Simpson Case?

The O.J. Simpson case was one of the most sensational that involved a celebrity. It was touted as the “trial of the century” because of all its drama as well as the twists and turns in the case. The main suspect, O.J. Simpson may have been acquitted in 1995 but doubts remain and many still feel he is guilty of the criminal act.

Not many people are aware of what happened to the O.J. Simpson case more than two decades after the murder of Simpson’s ex-wife and her friend occurred. In fact until now, the knife used to stab to death Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman has not been found. The latest update was that the Los Angeles Police Department was doing tests in 2016 concerning a knife allegedly found at Simpson’s old property in Brentwood’s the Rockingham estate. The police recovered the knife from a retired LAPD officer.

The murder weapon is the key material that police authorities failed to find since the murder took place. A long and serrated knife was said to be the type used in killing Brown and Goldman. The knife found in Simpson’s former estate in Brentwood was examined for DNA and hair but it was described as a fixed blade that was not large.

Several knives, however, have been recovered around Simpson’s property since the murder occurred. Some people turned over the knives and there were even some who admitted to the crime but so far, none were confirmed to be the murder weapon.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor in the Simpson trial Marcia Clark said she’s not sure if the former football star would be convicted if the knife found in 2016 turned out to be the murder weapon. She noted that the jury was not even swayed with the DNA evidence presented during the trial. Unknown to some people, Clark felt guilty when Simpson was acquitted that she stopped working as a special trials lawyer after the verdict and moved to different suburbs with her children. She wrote in her memoir of the trial “Without a Doubt,” that she felt like she let everyone down from the Goldmans and the Browns to her team and her country. Goldman’s family later brought charges of wrongful death against Simpson in civil court.

Put Behind Bars

“O.J. Simpson may have been acquitted in the murder of his ex-wife and Ronald Goldman but he was still sent to jail later on due to various criminal cases he got involved in,” according to Sherwin Arzani, a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. “In September 2007, he got arrested for robbery in Las Vegas after he and several men stole his own sports memorabilia at gunpoint in a hotel and casino.” He was found guilty of felony counts including kidnapping and armed robbery and was sentenced to 33 years in jail.

Until now, he is serving his sentence at Lovelock Correctional Facility in Nevada but will be eligible for pardon this 2017.

The Simpson case was also made into a TV mini series entitled American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson. Many observers in the entertainment world noted the accuracy of the reenactment of the verdict and this sentiment was shared by the public. The final day of Simpson’s trial was viewed by more than 150 million worldwide on live television making it one of the most viewed events in television history. Many of the crowds watching around the U.S. rejoiced and celebrated after the not-guilty verdict was announced.