‘Watch What Happens’ When Mariah Carey Talks About Eminem, “Glitter”, and Nick Cannon

Here’s the thing: Mariah Carey was a guest on last weekend’s Watch What Happens Live, and we loved how candid she was!

Mariah Carey Andy Cohen Bravo

(c) Bravo

When host Andy Cohen asked her to say three nice things about Eminem on the “Plead the Fifth” segment, she had only this to say:

“They come in a package that you can carry wherever you go. People love them around the world, and they’re tasty. You can have peanut or the regular kind.”

Well, at least that was more indirect than her 2009 music video, “Obsessed”!

Mariah Carey Dressed As A Man On The Set Of Her New Music Video

Mariah dressed as an Eminem-ish-looking man at the set of her “Obsessed” video.

Also, the diva claimed that her 2001 excuse of a film, Glitter, was her biggest regret.

“There was no script darling. And it was released on 9/11,” the diva shares as some of the reasons that made the film tank so bad.

“It was a horrible couple of years and then I had to get my momentum back for people to let it go.”

Mariah Carey Glitter RCA

The movie might be garbage, but its soundtrack album is flawless. (c) RCA

Mariah has also revealed that she and husband Nick Cannon are sort of leading separate lives due to their busy work scheds.

“He’s the hardest working man in show business. Hi, Nick!” she says before blowing a kiss to the camera.

Hopefully, he’s working on more hits for our fave superstar!

Mariah Carey Instagram

Mariah cuddles up with her twins in a recent trip to Aspen. (c) Instagram