Justin Bieber Stands Up Against Bullying

Justin Bieber takes his stand against bullying next to viral video hero Casey Heynes. If you haven’t heard of Casey Heynes, he is an Australian boy who became instantly famous from a cell phone video footage of him defending himself from a fellow schoolmate attacking him.

The said video instantly went viral and millions of people from around the world voiced out their heart for the 10th grader student. Justin Bieber  was one of those who saw the video and learned of Casey’s story . Being able to closely relate to a teenager’s tough life, Bieber knew just how to make a statement on this matter as he flew Casey and his family to his concert in Melbourne. The singer even brought Casey out onto the stage with him, as the boy received proud cheers from the crowd.

In case you haven’t been reading much of Bieber fever news, the 17-year old pop idol has been quite the victim of bullying himself. Just recently he had eggs thrown at him onstage during one of his shows in Australia.  Refusing to get rattled by it, the singer kept on with his performance.  One would wonder though, why haters would even bother to spend money on tickets, stand with the maddening queue of fans, go through all that effort  only to throw eggs at a 17 year old boy. Geez, so much hate in this world.

As for Casey Heynes, he got his sweet revenge and a loud and proud statement to the world to always stand up against bullying.

Photo Credit: americanistadechiapas

Photo Credit: claireyeahh