If SJP and Ferris Bueller Can Go The Distance, So Can You

Long distance relationship. The three words that, when put together, suddenly prompt a multitude of personal, odd, and bordering-on-invasive questions.

If the inappropriate interrogation isn’t enough, it is likely to be accompanied by a highly doubtful tone. Not to mention, that familiar facial expression that communicates a peculiar mixture of “well done you” and “oh poor you.”
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But, let’s just look at goddess Sarah Jessica Parker and her hubby Matthew Broderick. Next year, the two will have been the two will have been married 20 years, and have a son and two twin girls together.

When SJP’s brother introduced the two to one another, they instantly clicked and have been crazy about each other ever since. However, being two very busy, successful actors, there must have been periods where the time they spent together was scarce.

Starring in the new HBO comedy Divorce, SJP is a far cry away from the character she portrays: a middle-aged, dispirited, and humdrum wife undergoing a separation from her husband.

However, the celebrity pair could not have made their marriage last this entire time without their the devotion they have to one another. After reportedly going through some difficulties, Ms. Parker insisted that they should consult a psychic, in order to save their marriage. Though it was rumoured that Mr. Broderick was uncomfortable about this idea, they went on to receive guidance from psychic readings on a regular basis and, clearly, benefited greatly from it.

So why is it that long distance relationships are met with these questionable reactions? We think there are many advantages of spreading the love around the globe.

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Being able to work on you

When a relationship becomes serious, it is often easy to lose sight of the other important things in your life, whether that be a career, friends, or hobbies. Being together, but living your lives separately, allows you both to grow into your own person. This means being independent and having certain life experiences, without the possibility of your other half holding you back.

Strengthening your bond

There is nothing quite like some circumstantial distance to prove the strength of a relationship. Being able to go some time without that person you want to spend all your time with helps to prove how much you truly mean to one another.

Making use of your gadgets

Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp. There are plenty of ways to keep in touch whilst you’re apart, and this can become fun! Try playing long-distance scrabble, or having a candlelit dinner together over Skype.

The rush of excitement when it’s time

Your heart is racing and you’re as nervous as you were for your first date. It has been weeks and it’s finally time to be reacquainted. There is nothing quite like that moment. Not to mention, when you do get to see each other, the time you spend together is precious. That is, whether you go on cute dinner dates, cinema trips and nature walks, or simply stay in to eat pizza and have Star Wars marathon. However you spend your time together, it is genuine quality time that not all same-city couples manage to make time for.

Whether your partner is in your home, 5 miles away or 500 miles away, what matters most is dedication. If you have something worth hanging on to, then communicate, engage and do what it takes to be happy – just like Hollywood’s favourite sweethearts.