How To Make Your Walk-in Closet Look Like a Celebrity’s

It seems that every time that you look into a magazine and look into the closet of a celebrity they seem to have the most amazing walk in closet that you’ve ever seen. Clothes of the finest quality spread from wall to wall. It seems that they own one of every color of the same shoes.

Imagine walking into your own closet and feeling like you are in your very own department store full of everything that you own. You may find yourself dreaming of how your closet can look like this. Here are some of the ways that you can get started transforming it.

Proper Shelving

Using the proper shelving for your closet so that you display everything is the first step to transformation. Make sure that it has the proper amount of support so that you can put not only clothes on it but also all of your shoes.

When you have shelving as well as the proper bars to hang your items from you can fit much more into your closet making it even more of a department store wonderland.

Organize By Color

One of the best things that you can do to give it an organized feel is by organizing your clothes by color from dark to light. There is something incredibly satisfying about being able to search through your clothes when they are color coded.

For extra organizational color coding try having an individual shelf for each color. This way you have even more separation and can find things even easier.

Lots of Mirrors

Putting a lot of mirrors in a small space gives it a bigger feel. When each wall is reflected on the other you get the impression that the space is much larger than it actually is. In addition to increasing your sense of space, you can also get the best view of your outfit from each potential angle.

When you can see yourself from every side you can really get the best idea of whether an outfit works or not.

Proper Lighting

Lighting is everything when you are decorating a space. Rather than having a harsh bright light, try opting for something soft but which also provides enough light to see everything.

Christmas lights are a great way to light up a space which gives a peaceful and dreamy feel. You can string the lights across the ceiling which gives a calm mood to the closet.

Not only does a warm light like this give a certain mood, but it is also very flattering for trying on clothes in your best possible light. Lamps are also a great option as long as you choose a lower wattage.