How to Make Your Lawn Look Like It Belongs To A Celebrity

We’ve all seen how picturesque some celebrities are able to keep their homes and gardens. While this often has to do with the amount of wealth they’ve accumulated and can afford to spend on their property, you too can have a lawn that looks like a celebrity lives at your house. And luckily, these simple tips and tricks won’t even cost you a fraction of what many celebs pay to have their landscaping look as it does. To show you how, here are three ways you can make your lawn look like it belongs to a celebrity.

Think In Terms of Groupings

For many people, they don’t necessarily have the vision that landscape architects do. And without this vision, your lawn can look just like everyone else’s on your block. However, because celebs can afford to hire these architects, they often have much more interest and design put into their lawns and yards. One way you can add this type of interest to your property is to think in terms of groupings. According to Mary McCoy, a contributor to Money Crashers, by making groupings of plants with different heights and profiles, you can create pockets of interest and color all throughout your landscaping. And the great thing about this idea is you don’t have to spend much money to make it look beautiful and seamless with the rest of your yard work.

Choose to Use Evergreens

Depending on where you live, you might not be in a climate that’s conducive to having too many different variations of plant life. For celebrities that live in southern California, that climate is pretty mild all year long, which can make it easier for plants to thrive. But for those who may have harsher weather, you might want to opt for using more evergreens. According to Maria Carter, a contributor to Country Living, evergreens like boxwood shrubs can be a great way to keep your lawn looking green even when the weather starts turning colder. This will help your property to always look like it’s being well taken care of even when you’re taking a few months off.

Try Adding A Berm

Many celebrities are always on the lookout for ways that they can set themselves apart from the crowd. This quality spills over into every aspect of their lives, including their homes and gardens. So when you have a spacious yard that isn’t something special to behold, one way you can improve this sight is to add a berm. According to, a berm, which could be a raised area in your landscaping covered in bark or rocks and splashed with shrubs or plants, will help transform your lawn from just a swath of grass to an engaging display of exterior design.

If you’ve been wanting your home to look more like the home of a celebrity, use the tips mentioned above to help take your landscaping to the next level.