How To Make Your House Look Like a Celebrity Home On a Budget

Many people look through magazines at the spreads of celebrity homes which seem to be something out of a fairy tale. There are beautiful spreads of color, exotic furniture, and beautiful decor which they could only dream of having.

It isn’t impossible to achieve this sort of dream house for yourself, however. Sometimes even though we are on a budget it doesn’t mean that with the right skills and a bit of creativity we can’t recreate this glamorous look and feel of our favorite celebrities homes.

Here are some of the best secret tips for making your house look like a million dollar home on a budget.

Lots Of Light

One of the most common traits of a celebrity home are large windows. When your home has lots of light streaming through there is an air of spaciousness giving your home has a grandiose feel.

Try to let as much light into your house as you can, and make use of any windows that are already there. IF your home is lacking in light then you will start to feel a lack of space. The smaller your house feels, the less that you will feel like you are in that big fancy home of your dreams.

If you don’t have many windows to work with, consider replacing your windows with bigger ones which will give your house an even brighter and bigger feel.

DIY What You Can

One trip to the furniture store is enough to make you start having a heart attack over the cost of nice furniture. Something as simple as a couch can cost upwards of thousands and thousands simply because it is a sleek design.

However, having a home full of modern and beautiful furniture isn’t something that is only limited to rich people and celebrities. There are plenty of ways to DIY your furniture to make it look like it costs far more than it actually does.

Try taking a look online at various blogs to see which sorts of projects might work for you and the look that you want to achieve. You’d be surprised to find the sorts of things that you can make with only a few simple supplies that would otherwise put you out thousands of dollars in a regular store!

Fresh Flowers

If you look at celebrities homes a common trait that you will find is that they frequently have fresh flowers displayed throughout the house. This is a way of brightening up your living space and giving it a breath of fresh air with color and life.

Consider growing your own in your backyard to save on money. Otherwise, you can try to find high-quality artificial flowers which are so convincing hardly anyone will be able to tell they aren’t the finest picks of the day from the best florist in town!