How To Bling Your House Like a Celebrity

Wanting your house to look like a celebrity’s means that you want it to look expensive, feel big and extravagant, and above all gives you a star status. When you walk into your house you want to feel proud of where you live rather than like it is just thrown together.

In order to look like a celebrity’s home, you don’t necessarily need to live in a mansion or have a butler. All it takes are some basic additions that give you that celebrity status. Here are some of the best things that you can do for your home to give it that celebrity sparkle.

Standout Decoration Pieces

When you look in magazines at stars homes you find that their furniture is anything but ordinary. Their house is equipped with bold furniture pieces standing out with creatively executed design, and bright colors and bold textures.

By sprinkling your house with a few statement pieces your aesthetic will come across in the same way as the stars. Larger than life and confident. These statement pieces don’t have to be a million bucks at an expensive furniture store either. They can be DIY or things that you find second hand. Try to make it something original with flair and set it as the main decoration piece of your living room to set the tone.

A Fully Loaded Mini Bar

If there is one thing that a celebrity is known for its being able to offer their guests a cold beverage. Celebrities are known for wild parties and flowing drinks. By having a mini bar which is fully equipped and ready to go you can ensure that you have the top of the line treats to offer your guests.

Try to buy a cocktail book and teach yourself how to make a couple of drinks with a shaker. Nothing says “status” like making a cocktail from scratch and drinking it in a fancy glass in your own home.

A Workout Room

If you have any extra room in your house which you aren’t using, consider using it as your own personal exercise room. This doesn’t have to mean that you invest in huge workout equipment that costs thousands. It simply means setting aside space where you can make sure that you will have an area to get in shape and get physical.

A Big TV

While you may not be able to afford a full on home theater system, it is certainly possible to imagine yourself with a big TV for viewing parties with all of your guests. It doesn’t get more celebrity status than having a large TV and sound system. Technology is definitely a status symbol!