How Hollywood Celebrities Prepare For an Awards Show

Looking fabulous is part of being a celebrity. Showing up looking like a million bucks is expected and anything less could lead to being criticized in the press or being mocked by their peers. Being a celebrity may seem like it’s all fun and games but in fact, there is an enormous amount of pressure to fit a certain bill. Constantly under the microscope of the public eye, it can be a lot to handle trying to live up to these standards on a daily basis.

Awards shows are probably the most paramount time of year for a celebrity as far as expectations to look their best. Everyone across the world is watching to see who they’re wearing, who they’re with, and whether they win an award or not. The pressure is on, and it’s their job to deliver results to the fans. Here is how celebrities go about preparing for an awards show.

They Work Out

Months before the awards show celebrities start getting their bodies ready to be photographed for some of the most elite publications in the world. If ever there was a time for their bodies to be in top form shape, it’s at an awards show.

Sometimes you’ll see them working out sometimes 3-5 hours a day depending on their fitness level and goals. Since many of them are cast in action movies it is part of their job to have bodies like professional athletes.

In addition to working out regularly and intensely, they follow strict diet regimes and often take on the help of a nutritionist to make sure that they stay consistent.

They Find The Perfect Outfit

An awards show is no time to throw on just any old dress and run out the door. It is crucial to put on something that will stand out from the rest of the crowd and make designers drool over trying to get their hands on seeking them out for the next awards show.

Celebrities can spend as much as 7 months trying to choose which designer will represent them and which dress is best. Their final choice is crucial since it will be commented on and seen by a large part of the world.

They Practice Their Speech

Preparing their speech is something that is important since it will be televised live in the event that they do win. It is crucial that they are ready for anything. Actors and actresses only know in the split of a second if they’ve won or not, so they have to be ready to thank all of the necessary people from family and friends to the production team. So practicing their speech is important.