Famous Celebrity Awkward Injuries and Mishaps

Celebrities are definitely not immune to awkward injuries and other mishaps. In fact, because of a lot of different types of stage routines, they are in more danger of slip and fall injuries than many other professionals would be. Lots of people like to humanize famous people that they admired, and relating to them concerning clumsiness can have a soothing effect on the mind.

A few well-known instances of celebrities joining the most graceful global award include Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Florence Welch. Katy Perry managed to enter herself and after party before she had a scheduled concert, whereas Justin Bieber and Florence Welch both injured themselves during performances. These aren’t necessarily things to laugh at or about, but they certainly are a great equalizer when it comes to feeling connected to your favorite artists.

Katy Perry at an Afterparty

When you injure yourself in a slip and fall accident, or have an event that causes personal injury, if it’s not your fault, you should probably call a lawyer. When a celebrity gets hurt tripping and falling, they have that same option, but in many cases, they choose private options. One of Katy Perry’s notable performances was when she had a flesh colored bandage around one of her legs. She had tripped and ended up having to go to the hospital because she needed stitches in her leg. Obviously, she was well enough that the show had to go on, but it was deathly a matter of speculation during her performance.

Justin Bieber Tripping On Stage

No one denies that Justin Bieber puts on a good show. However, one thing that can happen as you’re running around is that there are trip hazards present they can put a wrinkle in your day. Justin managed to trip on something that was on the stage during one of his performances and rolled his ankle quite badly. He managed to finish the performance, but he had to go to the hospital the next day to get a cast, which he was seen with for his next shows.

Florence Welch’s Big Jump

At a Coachella one year, Florence Welch decided she was going to be more active than usual and jumped off of the stage to get more interactive with the audience. Unfortunately, possibly because she was barefoot at the time, she managed to break her foot getting off of the stage. For the rest of Coachella, she had to sit on stools or otherwise keep away from standing too much to be able to continue her performances. Accidents happen, and even famous artists have to deal the consequences. You can put up as many safeguards as you want, but there’s always the chance that something is going to get in your way, or some part of their body is going to twist or impact something to create an injury.

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