Create Hot Hollywood Avatars with PROFICON

How much of your icon is really YOU? Does your profile icon resemble ‘You’ in the real world or at least represent your spunk and spirit, your likes and dislikes?

A small GIF or JPEG icon can say pretty much about you- what you’re into or who you’re into at the moment which includes the movies you like, the celebrities you follow and the bands you listen to. I bet at some point your personal avatar had evolved from being a freckled-face Ron Weasley to a close-up of Taylor Lautner’s abs from Twilight and perhaps more recently, into some District-clad Hunger Games hero. True enough, profile icons define our tastes and preocuppations at the moment.

If you hate loading file heavy softwares like Photoshop just to crop or edit your icon, you’re better off trying a free online icon service like PROFICON. With Proficon, you may choose to show your lovely face or enhance that lovely face of yours with a hat or cute power animal. You may even choose other quirky profile graphics like a pig nose or a hipster mustache.

Just login using your Facebook or Twitter account, and the PROFICON app will access your current icon from your social media account, from there you can choose a number of designs and easily turn your old icon into something wild or fancy.

Mine happens to be the face of my fave celeb, my star avatar is Keira Knightley. In some alternate universe, she is close enough to what I look like in real life (yeah, right!). Well, hollywood stars do make the perfect profile icon.