Brittany Murphy Was Poisoned, New Evidence Suggests

Almost four years after Brittany Murphy died, new evidence is pointing to fairly strong clues of poisoning.

Brittany Murphy last public appearance

Brittany Murphy’s case is far from closed. (WENN)

The actress’ father, Angelo Bertolotti, paid toxicologists for an independent analysis, which found “high levels” of toxic metals, especially Barium, on alleged specimens of Brittany’s hair.

The said metal is commonly used in rat poison.

The Clueless star was ruled by the Los Angeles County Coroner to have died from acute pneumonia and severe anemia in December 2009, both of which might have been intensified by therapeutic drugs.

Brittany Murphy photoshoot Mike Ruiz

Murphy rose to fame via roles in Clueless, Uptown Girls, and SIn City. (Mike Ruiz)

Bertolotti, who aggressively obtained the samples, says otherwise to Daily News, “The lab has shown that she was poisoned with criminal intent.”

“We would like the investigation opened again to discover who did it. So as not to jeopardize the new investigation, I can’t say who I suspect as of yet.”

Brittany’s husband, British screenwriter Simon Monjack, died five months after her with almost the same reason.

Brittany Murphy Simon Monjack

Brittany and Simon enjoyed two years in wedded bliss before the tragedy struck. (AP)

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