4 Popular Male Celebs Who Got Injured While Filming

Accidents can happen any time and anywhere and nobody is exempted. Even the rich and famous celebrities do experience it when they least expect it. And the unexpected sometimes happen during filming.

Hollywood celebrities, notably the men, sometimes like to do the difficult action scenes themselves with no double. But things can go wrong at times leaving them injured.

Get to know here who among the popular male Hollywood celebrities had experienced getting injured on the set.

Sylvester Stallone

It was during the filming of Rocky IV that lead actor Sylvester Stallone got hurt. And it happend during an important scene between Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago played by Dolph Lundgren.

The unfortunate scene happened when Lundgren hit Stallone in the chest during a climactic fight. Stallone actually instructed the well-built actor to knock him out but Lundgren hit him so hard resulting in the swelling of his pericardial sac which then began pressing against his heart. The actor was then airlifted to St. John’s in Santa Monica, California where he stayed in intensive care for nine days.

At first, Stallone’s insurer Lloyd’s of London did not want to pay his medical bills. It was only after watching the footage of the fight scene that they were convinced about what happened to the actor.

Injuries sustained by actors on the set should be covered by insurance, according to Curtis Quay. Their health insurance will help pay for their medical bills while undergoing treatment.

Channing Tatum

The year 2009 was not so lucky for Channing Tatum as he got into a minor accident. The actor was filming a scene for “The Eagle” in Scotland where he should wade through icy water. In between takes, he had to be kept warm and a crew member was tasked to mix boiling water and river water and pour it into Tatum’s wetsuit.

After the shooting wrapped up that day, Tatum wanted to indulge in one last splash of warm water. Unfortunately, the crew member assigned to him forgot to mix the hot water with cold water. That incident led the actor to partially suffer from burns including his private parts. He was immediately brought to the hospital which was an hour away and was bandaged up.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Best actor Leonardo DiCaprio also had his share of injuries on the set. One time, he accidentally cut his hand when he slammed it into a glass during a scene where he was having a heated monologue for the movie Django Unchained released in 2012. But instead of asking for medical attention right away, the actor continued the scene and used his real injury to improve on his acting. When you get to watch the film again, you now know that it was his own blood that he used to smear across his face while playing the role of Kerry Washington.

George Clooney

The dashing actor, George Clooney, is not exempted from accidents. He, too, hurt his spine in 2005 while filming for Syriana. And it was not a simple injury as he was expelling spinal fluid from his nose when that happened.

Clooney related to Rolling Stone magazine in 2011 that his spinal injury caused severe migraines and even prompted him to think about ending his life. He said he was not able to move then while on the hospital bed with an IV in his arm describing his condition as similar to suffering from a stroke.