4 Hollywood Tips For Looking Younger

When it comes to a group of people having the biggest reputation for looking much younger than their age, most people immediately think of Hollywood stars. Regardless of their age, it seems that these actors and actresses always seem to radiate a much younger age.

It can be extremely frustrating to look in the mirror and compare ourselves to these people gracing the covers of glamor magazines in bikinis and gowns while we sometimes we find ourselves feeling like stuffed sausages in a pair of sweats and a stained t-shirt.

However, there are some Hollywood secrets that we can steal for ourselves to look younger. Here are some of the tips of the stars for knocking off 10 years from your look.

Wear Current Trends

When it comes to looking younger sometimes it is as easy as dressing the part. Celebrity stylists recommend wearing current trends seen in the latest magazines and urban fashion settings as opposed to more “classic” trends if you are seeking to achieve a younger look.

Try other tricks like opting for LASIK surgery or contacts instead of wearing glasses, as glasses can tend to encourage a more mature look.

If you’re not sure where to begin to give your closet a makeover you may want to ask one of your younger friends to take a trip with you to the mall. They may be able to convince you to wear things that you never imagined could look good on you. You may be pleasantly surprised when given this new perspective!

Smile More

Studies show that smiling more can not only give the impression of looking younger, but it can also make you feel younger.

Happy people have more energy, optimism, and attract more people into their lives because of their openness to a connection.

If you do anything to make yourself appear younger try doing this simple trick alone and watch the clock reverse on your face.

Color Any Grey Hairs

Grey hairs are one of the biggest indicators of age. By coloring any gray hairs you can reduce your age by at least 5 years. Make sure that you opt for a professional colorist instead of a DIY box since this can often lead to disaster.

Between color appointments, consider buying a touch-up spray or stick that you can use on the go to cover up any unwanted silvers straying.

Use Botox Treatments

Botox treatments are used regularly in Hollywood. One common misconception about botox is that it is only a corrective treatment when in fact, it is incredibly effective as a preventative treatment.

Many people start getting small botox injections as early as their 20’s to avoid the development of fine lines which can make you appear much older.