4 Celebrity Inspired Trends

When it comes to trends there are no bigger trendsetters than celebrities in Hollywood. All it takes is one star sporting a look and before you know it it’s caught on all over the magazines.

Many trends last years or even decades, while some fizzle out after a few short months. There are entire blogs and magazines dedicated to following current trends and now with the power of hashtags it has never been easier to keep up with what is hot on the street.

Take a look at some of the most popular celebrity inspired trends.

“Green” Fashion

It has never been so popular to wear green, and we aren’t even talking about the color. The “green” movement means being environmentally supportive and purchasing products that minimize carbon footprint.

Some of the biggest green fashion trends include sporting reusable tote bags, using all organic free trade fibers, and wearing clothing that has been made in an eco-friendly factory.

Big Sunglasses

Wearing big sunglasses is a trend that was started by Hollywood in the golden age and has continued through the years well into the new century. From movie stars to athletes, to famous musicians. It has become a sign of glamor to wear an oversized pair of sunglasses.

Iconic oversized glasses are a symbol of wealth, fame, and above all, mystery. You can wear them with a dressed down outfit or something more glamorous, but always leaving your outfit with a splash of style.


Contouring is the famous makeup technique that started with America’s favorite obsession The Kardashians and trickled its way into being a standard term in beauty.

Contouring is a way of painting your face which accentuates the highlights and darkens the curves of your face making the facial shape appear more chiseled and slim.

Makeup manufacturers have made huge profits offering all kinds of options in this category with the promise of making your face look chiseled like a Hollywood starlet.

Cocktail Dresses

Once upon a time cocktail dresses were only for fancy parties with high heels and a fur coat. Recently they have become standard to wear in the streets with a simple boot or even a tennis shoe.

Cocktail dresses can be florally patterned in the springtime with bare legs, or sleek and dark colored in the winter paired with a pair of warm tights. Since the cocktail dress is no longer limited to a particular season or occasion, it’s become a fashion staple.

Skinny Jeans

Once upon a time, skinny jeans were only worn by superslim fashion models with no hips. But curvy stars like Beyonce and Kate Winslet broke the barriers showing us that curves are beautiful and skinny jeans can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes.