3 Most Common Reasons Celebrity Couples Don’t Last

When it comes to celebrity couples in Hollywood, it’s safe to say that most end after a few short years. Even though doting fans may hope that they stay together forever, sometimes their lifestyles just aren’t the right environment for two people staying together.

What is it about their lifestyles that make it so impossible to stay together, however? You may find yourself wondering how two rich and attractive people with everything at their fingertips could possibly find unhappiness once they meet the right person. However, the answers may not seem as impossible as you might think. Here are some of the biggest factors for why most celebrity couples don’t last.

Conflicting Schedules

With fame and fortune also comes a very busy schedule. Celebrities are expected to show up at premieres, give performances, attend galas, and above all, work. Depending on what kind of celebrity they are, their work schedules can require them to be abroad working extremely long hours for months at a time. When actors star as superheroes or appear in any sort of major Blockbuster, this usually means at least a year of their life working nonstop.

When two celebrities who both have a schedule like this attempt build a life together, it can start to become nearly impossible to see each other, despite their best intentions. At the end of the day sometimes it simply comes down to being a matter of scheduling.

Temptation From Costars

When actors and actresses are cast into steamy love scenes with other attractive co-stars, despite how professional they might be, it can be extremely easy for them to slip into a mutual attraction.

Spending long shooting hours together as well as simulating a romantic relationship on the screen can start to spark feelings. This can start to quickly create strain between a relationship and frequently jealousy.

Drugs And Alcohol

Being a celebrity means having access to a world full of temptation and indulgence. Often the pressures of a famous lifestyle can be so much for a person to handle that they turn to drugs and alcohol as a refuge.

When addictions arise not only can it affect a relationship between two people because their behavior which is dramatically different, but it can start to affect their ability to stay loyal. There are frequently situations in which stars are heavily under the influence of substances which results in infidelity.

Pressure From The Media

Since celebrities are under the watchful eye of the media and heavily dissected by the press, rumors can start to flood on the covers of magazines and on blogs.

Sometimes the pressure of the world analyzing their relationships and creating rumors can be enough to send celebrity couples over the edge.

Sometimes magazines will invent affairs, arguments, or any other kind of dispute between a couple which may be based on no facts at all. However, it plants the seed of doubt which will inevitably lead to their breakup as a result.