3 Celebs Who Have Taken Home Security Measures That Are Hard To Believe

When you’re a celeb, your every move is watched and monitored by paparazzi, adoring (or even obsessed) fans, and even thieves. Thieves know that celebs are the perfect target for a burglary with the combination of celebs having expensive electronics, jewelry and other lavish items in their home and the fact that celebs are often traveling a lot and rarely home. Some famous faces know that they can be easy targets so they have taken some large and hard to believe security measures when it comes to protecting their homes. Here are just 3 celebs who have taken home security measures that are hard to believe.

Tom Brady

Arguably one of the best professional quarterbacks to ever play football, the five-time Super Bowl winner has taken the ultimate precautions when it comes to keeping his home and supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen and kids safe. Tom Brady is not known for being much of a spender when it comes to luxury cars or flashy clothes, but when it comes to homes, Brady likes to take home security measures that you would find out of a fairytale. Brady actually designed his family home to be surrounded with a moat. Burglars would not only have to outwit his state of the art security system, they would actually have to get wet by having to swim to get to their property.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has been a household name for decades but also has a reputation from his staff for running his household with military precision. The movie star and prominent Scientologist reportedly has the best money can buy when it comes to security. If you want access to his home, be prepared to encounter a heavily monitored gated property with armed guards. If you want to work in the Cruise household, be prepared to undergo intense background testing in order to be hired there. Even then, only certain employees can go into designated zones throughout the Cruise estate.

Bill Gates

The billionaire and Microsoft founder has a mansion that is incredible. His home has technology built into every room, a 23 car garage, 24 bathrooms, a reception hall, swimming pool, and a trampoline room. With a mansion as amazing as his, of course, you want to take crazy security measures to protect it. It is reported that Bill Gates has the most advanced security systems that money can buy to protect his home and he also takes personal security to new measures by traveling in public with bodyguards always being by his side.

There is no need asking these celebs if a home security system is worth it. All 3 have fame and fortune and want to protect themselves by taking these incredible security measures to keep their home and family safer.