Today’s Hottest Woman: Maggie Q

Maggie Q - Bikini

Why She’s Today’s Hottest Woman:

My oh my, Ms. Maggie Q. If you haven’t seen the lovely and leggy Maggie steal the spotlight on the red carpet of the premiere of Divergent, then you need to get on it right now. Now that Nikita’s off the air, you might think we’re going to suffer in silence over the lack of this kick-ass hottie. CBS has got you covered though! Maggie was recently cast in a “stalker-drama” Kevin Williamson pilot. Alas, I doubt we’ll get to see her in outfits like these there, so enjoy these photos!

Maggie Q - leather

MaggieQ - sexy

Maggie Q - hot


  1. Why must she be so GORGEOUS ?!! Cant wait to see her on CBS & in Divergent !