Today’s Hottest Woman: Jen Selter

Jen Selter - Vanity Fair hot

Why She’s Today’s Hottest Woman:

It’s not the ‘Red Wedding’, but we were just as shocked to see it. Vanity Fair’s April issue has the cast of Game of Thrones on the cover, but inside the pages is Jen Selter. If you’ve been living under a rock, she the infamous Instagram Butt-Selfie Queen. We featured her before so if you want a sizzling hot primer on today’s hottest woman, check it out. She’s wearing a sheer catsuit that makes our jaws drop lower than we thought humanly possible. Enjoy the photos!

Jen Selter - Vanity Fair catsuit

JenSelter - Vanity Fair - Butt-Selfie Queen

Jen Selter - Vanity Fair booty

Photos Via: Vanity Fair