Today’s Hottest Woman: Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff sexy

Why She’s Today’s Hottest Woman:

This brings us right back to the early ’00s. Before Lindsay Lohan became the mess that she is, before Hilary Duff turned out to be the only decent Disney star to make it out of that decade, and before Aaron Carter became whatever he is that he is right now, they were Pre-Teen Royalty. 

Love triangles have always been a great source for Hollywood gossip. There hasn’t been a good ‘love triangle’ breakout recently (barring that tacky mess with Kristen Stewart and that Huntsman director) but years ago, Lindsay, Hilary, and Aaron were the stars of their own scandal. Hilary was the heart-broken good girl. Aaron starred as the cheating douchebag. Lindsay was the other woman. Imagine how millions of young hearts broke at the news.

But why is this all relevant now? Apparently, Aaron Carter hasn’t moved on, like, at all. He even has a series of very embarrassing tweets saying that he still loves her and would do everything to get back together with Hilary. We don’t cringe easily, but this was worthy of several shudders. We can’t blame Aaron though. Hilary has been on fire lately. This hot mama has got to be feeling great about herself. Enjoy the photos.

Hilary Duff hot

Hilary Duff Maxim hot

Hilary Duff Maxim sexy