Today’s Hottest Woman: Anna Kendrick

anna-kendrick-hottestHer “non-Super Bowl” Super Bowl ad convinced us that it’s perfectly possible to fall in love with someone again and again over the course of a two minute video. Here’s other reasons why Anna Kendrick is today’s hottest woman:

  • This girl can sing. And we do mean sing. Have you seen her in Pitch Perfect? Don’t lie, we know you did (thrice).
  • She says she isn’t “beer commercial babe hot”, but she is “approachable hot”. Whatever else anyone tries to say, we think “Anna Kendrick hot” is and should always be the global standard of hotness.
  • Her sense of humor and approachability makes her the sexiest Hollywood celebrity we’d love to chat up at a bar while fending off a hundred sarcastic remarks per second. But we’ll still try.



Photo Credit: GQ