Simon Cowell’s Gonna Be A Daddy!

You’ve read it right, folks: lean and mean former American Idol judge Simon Cowell is (finally) going to be a daddy!

Simon Cowell is actually smiling...genuinely! Probably for the baby. (Spread)

Simon Cowell is actually smiling…genuinely! Probably for the baby. (Spread)

The music mogul is expecting a kid with NYC socialite named Lauren Silverman, who’s, get this — actually married, ‘technically’. The situation is all the more intriguing, since the husband is real estate extraordinaire Andrew Silverman, who happens to be Simon’s friend.

Woah, talk about strolling on someone else’s lawn!

A source shares to Us Weekly that the 36-year-old Lauren is now on the 10th week of pregnancy, which is the result of her ‘closeness’ with the 53-year-old Simon as her marriage “deteriorated”.

Simon Cowell, a father figure? Why not!? (WENN)

Simon Cowell, a father figure? Why not!? (WENN)

“Lauren and Andrew have been unhappy in their marriage for some time, and their divorce has been in the works for a while,” the insider adds.

Cowell has previously gushed to UK publication Sunday People about his desire to have kids, which seemed to be a proper indication.

“I do like kids. I’m not sure [though if] I would be good for the first six months,” he tells.

Oh, you know, Simon and Lauren love to have their picnics by the sea. (Pacific Coast News)

Oh, you know, Simon and Lauren having a picnic by the sea. No big deal. (Pacific Coast News)

One Direction‘s father figure adds, “I still haven’t ruled it out. Would I adopt? No, I think I would rather have my own, but I wouldn’t rule it out.”

We guess the X Factor judge just had his wish come true!