Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Soaking Up the Sun in Sydney

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban spent some post-Valentine’s day downtime at the beach in Australia. The two looked very much in love.

It has been 6 years since the couple wed and still no signs of trouble, Nicole is very lucky with her relationship this time around as the country crooner Keith is very much hands-on when it comes to their biological kids Sunday who is four years-old and Faith who just turned two.


The superstar couple both took a break from their Hollywood commitments, with Keith wrapping up American Idol and Nicole doing the red carpet rounds with the thriller Stoker.


Caught in an embrace, cute like honeymooners- Keith and Nicole have some fun in the sun


‘My life is incredibly normal,’ Nicole rold a BBC interviewer, ‘and 99 percent of it just hanging out with my kids, my family and my husband and navigating through the journey of your life.’


Glad she left the crazy cult back in Hollywood, Nicole’s obviously happy where she’s at now.



  1. Post valentines day love? Ermm these photos are from a few weeks before valentines day! They are back in America now.

  2. anonymus says:

    I’m happy for her, to end her divorce from Tom Cruise to be served for her happiest man next to a more stable emotionally than it appears to be Tom. Keith is using drugs? Well, it seems to be gradually sidelined this addiction and leads a healthier life, I say …. apparently!. She, for her part, did well aside Botox, because it was destroying the entire face and she did not need it, is a young and beautiful girl, come on, if forty-odd already considered old, who will when you reach the age of seventy? A little common sense please!.