Hugh Jackman Went Commando In ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’

We wonder… is Hugh ‘huge’?

Hugh Jackman X-Men Days of Future Past

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Hugh Jackman has indeed come a long way since he started playing Wolverine back in 2000’s first X-Men film.

In the latest installment, our hunky superhero has no more qualms in getting naked in some scenes.

Hugh Jackman X-Men Days of Future Past

“I don’t know about America, but in Australia, if you’re next to a really good looking girl, you’re not getting out without boxer shorts on,” the 45-year-old says.

The scene, which was written with him wearing boxers and sleeping next to a pretty girl, was ‘modified’ according to his kinky favor.

Hugh Jackman X-Men Days of Future Past

He showed his ass though, so there’s no glimpse of his manhood — which was covered by a sock.

“They brought a bright green sock for me to wear and I was like, ‘This is kind of drawing more attention than less!’,” Hugh shares.

Sadly, you’ll have to watch the film to see the whole thing. Enjoy!