Today’s Hottest Woman: Gal Gadot

Why She's “The Hottest” Woman Today: Gal Gadot represented Israel for the Miss Universe pageant back when she was only 19. … [Read more...]

First Look At Adrianne Palicki In New Wonder Woman Outfit

Seriously NBC? This is what you come up with when redesigning the Wonder Woman outfit? It looks like the awful wrist cuffs, gold lasso and knee-high boots will all remain, even as the series attempts to reinvent itself for television. The photo above, a first look at show star … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Hurley To Play ‘Wonder Woman’ Villain In NBC Reboot

While I'm not a fan of recycling sub-par television for the purpose of creating a new series, I'm actually excited to learn that David E. Kelley's reboot of the Wonder Woman franchise on NBC will feature Elizabeth Hurley as the villain to Adrianne Palick's Wonder … [Read more...]

New “Wonder Woman” TV Series In The Works?

Wonder Woman and her invisible plane could soon be revisiting our TV screens, although we highly doubt the invisible plane will actually make it back to the show, it was just plain stupid. announced on Saturday that the DC Comics character could make a return with … [Read more...]

Lynda Carter Loves The New Wonder Woman Outfit

Lynda Carter, the woman responsible for holding the reigns of Wonder Woman in the 70's TV series has voiced her approval for the new, "sexier" Wonder Woman outfit. The new outfit which now features a denim jacket and leggings is the first remake of the character in 69 years. … [Read more...]