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Vogue Italia Pays Tribute to Minorities

When Vogue Italia launched its new website this month, it also came out with three mini-sites, Vogue Curvy, Vogue Talents, and Vogue Black. The titles say it all; the sites target minorities.

Vogue Talents showcases underground and up-and-coming talents from designers to young entrepreneurs. The staff goes behind the scenes to cover gallery openings, fashion shows, and school events that showcase fresh talents.

Vogue Curvy pays tribute to plus-sized icons in the modeling and entertainment industry, as well as rising “it” girls of the shapely kind. Positive reinforcement articles and blogs take readers out of the stick-thin mentality that Hollywood has forced upon us for decades. It’s also the best spot to see which hot designers and retail stores cater to plus-sized fashionistas.

Vogue Black is like the couture version of TBW. Articles trace back the roots of African-American women, with travel and historical pieces. Blogs and features pay tribute to black issues and black icons from past to present, such as Amalia Vairelli and Destiny’s Child. The site’s fashion and beauty trends specifically cater to black women.

Although I’m impressed with the glamorous design and substantial contents of the sites, I’m worried that these “minorities” may end up compartmentalized. How does Vogue Italia determine if the up-and-coming minorities are to be upgraded to Vogue proper? How about putting a real curvy woman on the cover, the way W Magazine put Gabourney Sidibe on their January issue?

Overall, I give the sites two thumbs up. Let’s hope it opens women’s minds about embracing their true selves and staying off the diet pills.


Dakota Fanning’s Vogue Italy Fashion Shoot

Whenever female stars come of age, they always find a way to tell the world that they’re all grown up. Some go for sexier film roles, some party like crazy and become tabloid fodder, while the rest pose for fashion magazines.

Miley Cyrus did it for Vanity Fair in 2008. Princess Beatrice of York did it for Tatler in 2005. Now Dakota Fanning’s doing it—a lot of it, actually. She was Teen Vogue’s cover girl on December 2009, and V Magazine’s in January. Now she’s in Vogue Italia’s February 2010 issue.

Her Tom Munro fashion editorial outdoes all the other couture shoots we’ve seen of the now 16-year-old.

“I’ve grown up,” Dakota said in the interview, “The parts I choose today are different.”

“The photo shoot for Vogue Italia was like a dream,” she said.

And yes, thick eyebrows are back!

That’s it. I cannot wait for her latest flick, The Runaways!

*photos from Vogue Italia


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