Steve Carell Is Leaving The Office

Steve Carell has officially announced that he plans to leave his hit TV show The Office after his contract expires at the end of next season. On the show Carell plays the egotistical and always hilarious office boss Michael Scott, a role which has garnered him worldwide … [Read more...]

Watch Out For A New And Improved K-Fed

That's what he says - that fans will be getting the shock of their lives soon. He has joined VH1's Celebrity Fit Club and is expected to loose LOTS of the weight that he has gained. It's not impossible, so go get 'em tiger! … [Read more...]

Oprah To Quit For Real

Oprah is going to have her last show today, and there's supposed to be a big announcement - it's probably about her plans for the future. She's already said something about closing down The Oprah Winfrey Show but she held back, saying that the announcement will be made during the … [Read more...]

Whitney Houston On DWTS

The diva is expanding her horizons - by joining the people at Dancing With The Stars. I am pretty sure she can hold her own when it comes to dancing, but how will her interaction with the rest of cast be? Oh, she is NOT joining as a contestant. She will just be a guest in the … [Read more...]

Protests Over Glee’s “Disabled” Member

Glee has caught the attention of a lot of viewers, and no wonder! It does make you feel good - the musical numbers does wonders for your spirit. Then again, the half-baked plot, the stereotypes, and sometimes pithy lines may turn you off. What turns others off, though, is the … [Read more...]