There’s something about an orphan that truly inspires and moves average Americans. They want to learn more about the children. They want to follow their lives as if the kid were their own. They cheer and they cry for them.

From the classic portrait of Little Orphan Annie in comics, stage show, and film to the girl in the fairy tale of Cinderella, an orphan child is regarded as the classic underdog in our society. The stories of television orphans give viewers hope as the children are put into new lives to grow into. Here are the top five. . . .

1. Punky Brewster (Punky Brewster)

Punky Brewster



Soleil Moon Frye portrays Penelope “Punky” Brewster, a feisty scamp with a dog who’s adopted by the grouch of an apartment super by the name of Henry. What makes Punky so adorable is that she is so creative and full of positive energy.

All this in spite being abandoned by her mother at a shopping mall. The contrasting chemistry between the girl and her adoptive father made audiences want more than the short two seasons her show ran in the mid 1980s. Read the rest of this entry »