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Taylor Swift Admits She’s “Becky”!

…At least humorously!

EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Swift arrives home after dinner out in NYC, wearing a yellow top and burgundy plaid skirt

(c) Splash News

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Oh, man, Taylor Swift is getting good at this surprise thing.

Taylor Swift ACM 2014 hairstyle

(c) Getty

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Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss Go On A Roadtrip!

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss cute

No, this isn’t Crossroads 2. (That reference alone should tell you more about me than you should.) Read the rest of this entry »


Taylor Swift Brings Stems And Stars

Taylor Swift hot legs

Taylor Swift loves her sexy star sweater, and so does BFF Selena Gomez! She’s been working out a lot lately at the dance studio and every day we see her, she’s hotter than the last. Read the rest of this entry »


Taylor Swift’s Haircut Goes Dancing!

Taylor Swift Dance Studio

No one cares if you’re a fan of Taylor Swift’s short haircut or not.  Read the rest of this entry »


America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift has just released another music video – and she’s on fire!

Taylor Swift is burning 'red' in her new music video. (Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Taylor Swift is burning ‘red’ in her new music video. (Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

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The Rise of Taylor Swift ( INFOGRAPHIC )

Taylor Swift Speak Now - Pittsburgh

She’s been dubbed “America’s Sweetheart”, and it shows. Taylor Swift has topped the chart more times than can be counted on fingers (and toes), and has graced the covers of many fashion, entertainment, and music glossies. This darling of the media has rocked many a comment section, forum thread and fan site, and her notoriety in the gossip columns only serve her well. This 23-year-old has become one of the youngest members of the Forbes’s list of the Highest Paid Stars Under 30. Her latest hit single “Mean” continues to make waves, and has won her two Grammies in the process. But just what are the humble roots of this rising star?

Miss Taylor Allison Swift was born in Pennsylvania on December 13, 1989. At the tender age of nine, Taylor became very fascinated with musical theater, and she would regularly travel to New York for singing and acting lessons. Later on, she became enamored with country music so much that she and her family moved to Nashville to further immerse her in the experience. She pursued a career in music at age 14, and as they say, the rest is history.

Here’s an infographic to give you the lowdown on some essential Taylor Swift information.

The Rise Of Taylor Swift Infographic
Made by Sparkle & Fuzz
Infographic by



Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are finally out dating. And they are now being branded on Twitter as a new power couple called ‘Haylor’

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Taylor Swift Dating Patrick Schwarzenegger

Expect a new love song in the works from Taylor Swift, as the 22-year-old singer was photographed hanging out with Patrick Schwarzenegger and the Kennedy clan during the Fourth of July holiday.

Taylor Swift Patrick Schwarzenegger

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John Mayer and Taylor Swift

The song is several years old, but it seems that John Mayer has not forgotten the sting of it.

Remember “Dear John” by Taylor Swift? The aftermath of her relationship with well known playboy John Mayer did not leave her glowing with love. Contrarily, the “little girl” sniped back with a vengeance.

They say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but I rather than fury, but I think that I sense a deeper, stronger emotion than fury in the words Taylor Swift penned for her ex-lover. Read the rest of this entry »

Has Taylor Swift Been Tebowed?

Tebow and Swift

Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift

The mania surrounding Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow pretty much died down after the team lost its chance to make it to the Super Bowl, but interest in the “clean” athlete does not seem to be totally dead yet. Remember when one of the Kardashians expressed interest in him, and he said that they have very different values and they will not mix? Understatement of the year, Sherlock. Read the rest of this entry »

Taylor Swift Accepts Role In Dr. Seuss’ ‘The Lorax’

Taylor Swift takes leading role in The Lorax CGI-Animated Film

Taylor Swift is making her cartoon debut in the CGI-animated version of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, being produced by Universal Pictures.

Swift will voice the lead female role alongside actors Zac Efron and Danny Devito who will play the Lorax. Also voicing Zac’s grandmother is Betty White, because apparently she needs to be in every new project available.

If it’s been a while since you last read the book, it’s about a boy (Efron) who goes in search of ways to win the heart of a girl (Swift), but instead finds out about the mystical creature known as The Lorax.

In a statement released on Thursday Illumination Entertainment Founder Chris Meledandri said:

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Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift Spotted Out Together

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift - Nashville

It’s too early to call this one a reunion, but it looks like Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift could be dating once again.

The ex-couple were spotted in Taylor’s hometown digs of Nashville this week, just over a month after they called off their two-month relationship.

Insiders close to the couple said Taylor was “unable to eat” after the first breakup which reportedly occurred because of the couple’s nine-year gap and intense media attention.

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Taylor Swift Concert Sells Out In Just 5 Minutes

Taylor Swift - Speak Now Album

Taylor Swift’s Speak Now Tour is the red hot ticket of the year. Swift has managed to sell out two upcoming shows at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in just two minutes, while also selling out the 68,000 seat Gillette Stadium in just five minutes.

After those first three shows another seven concerts sold out in the same amount of time.

The sellouts shouldn’t surprise anyone, her third album Speak Now sold more than one million copies in it’s first week of release.

According to concert promoters, the Swift tour has generated the most interest in a tour since the Hannah Montana’s Best of Both Worlds Tour which happened in 2007!

Interest is so high that additional concerts have been added to accommodate Swift fans.

When all is said and done Swift will have performed in 19 countries at 90+ shows, the first of which will start in Singapore on Feb. 9.


Jake Gyllenhaal And Taylor Swift Spend Thanksgiving Together

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift have been spotted together quite a bit lately and there newest sighting comes to us over Thanksgiving where the couple were spotted together in New York City on Thanksgiving morning.

The couple were seen together in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood where according to they shared lattes with real maple syrup.

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Kanye West Claims He Gave Taylor Swift Her Success

Kanye West and Taylor Swift - 2009 MTV VMA's

Kanye West has proven once again that he’s just as delusional as everyone already knows he is.

According to West, while he has tried to extend an olive branch to Taylor Swift various times since his 2009 MTV VMA stage storming appearance, she has chosen to ignore those attempts, while refusing to defend him to critics.

According to Kanye, regardless of the fact that Swift had sold millions of albums before the incident, while crossing over into Country and Pop fame, she has just been riding his coat tails from the incident to rise in fame.

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Taylor Swift, Kanye West Porn Parody May Soon Be In Adult Stores Near You

Kanye West and Taylor Swift - MTV Video Music Awards 2009

Adult video provider Vivid Entertainment is said to be working on a Kanye West, Taylor Swift porn parody.

According to rumors, Vivid mastermind Steve Hirsch is toying with the idea of the parody which he believes would be a good way to explore the tensions between both singers since the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards when Kanye West stormed the stage during Swift’s award winning acceptance speech.

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Taylor Swift Debuts “Mine” Video

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a country darling, pop cross over with a huge fanbase, more Twitter followers than almost every other online personality and multi-platinum selling albums, so what does she do in her time off? She writes, records and released a new album.

Swift’s third LP, titled Speak Now won’t release until October, but her first single from that record, titled “Mine” is now available for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Here’s the video for Mine:

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Celebrific Lowdown – May 17, 2010

In the “fake plastic women you probably don’t want to see naked” dept, Rachel Itchypuss Uchitel will be au naturel for Playboy. Well in her case, au naturel means her plastic fantastic suit, thanks to a few surgeries. Itchypuss is the skank starf*cker mini-celebrity who reportedly conned Tiger Woods out of $10M for sleeping with him. (Tiger, buddy, a hooker would have cost you less and possibly have been more attractive.) That was actually Itchypuss’ sequel appearance in “How to Ruin a Celebrity Marriage.” Despite denials from Itchypuss, text message records show that she had a thing going with Bones’ David Boreanaz, who admitted cheating on wife Jamie Bergman, but who was smart enough to not pay her anything — yet. [Via TMZ]

After the recent floods that destroyed parts of Tennessee and two neighboring states, a number of musicians put on a flood relief telethon with performances and donations of their own. Brad Paisley and his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley put in $100K, and the total take was $1.7M. But 20 year-old country music singer Taylor Swift had previously donated $500K of her own money. Well, that makes for about $2.2M, which is barely a dent in the $1B or more that cleanup and repair might cost. Maybe Itchypuss will contribute some of Tiger’s her $10M and whatever Playboy pays her.

Olsen Twin Ashley and boyfriend Justin Bartha (Hangover) are reported safe after a JFK flight to LaLaLand made an emergency landing due to an electrical fire and cracked windshield.

Sorry ladies, but if you haven’t and were hoping to hookup with Supernatural hunk Jensen Ackles, who plays the big brother Dean Winchester in one of the best “supernatural” TV shows ever, it’s too late. He and One Tree Hill actress Danneel Harris got hitched in Dallas over the weekend. The two costarred in the comedy Ten Inch Hero back in 20907.


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