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Charlize Theron and Sean Penn - Help Haiti Home Gala

I remember a time when just saying the name Charlize Theron would make every guy within a block’s radius turn their head. Now, not so much. Still, it’s a big disappointment to find out that her rumored romance with Sean Penn is confirmed.

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Stars Behaving Badly – May 14, 2010

Courtney Love always seems to be the queen of public tantrums, but this time she had a meltdown at Heathrow airport and allegedly threw her bras and panties around, and yelled at her assistant. Don’t airport security personnel taser people for less? All this hullabaloo over a Burberry scarf that somehow offended her. Oh Courtney, does some need a little nappy-nap?

In other airport-related incidents, Jonathan Rhys Myers, another veteran Tantrum Queen, just got himself banned from flying on United Airline, after a drunken display at John F. Kennedy airport. He’d apparently been tossing back the alcohol beverages in an airport lounge and became disorderly. When he tried to board later, he was denied. Meyers has been previously arrested at two European airports.

Sean Penn, who was photographed getting physical with a photographer, pleaded no contest to a charge of vandalism of all things. As a result, he has to do 36 hours of anger management counseling, stay away from the photog in question, and perform 300 hours of community service — although the latter can be completed as part of his current efforts in Haiti. If Sean behaves, the charge might later be reduced to disturbing the peace. His original charge was misdemeanor battery, with a possible term of 18 months in jail.

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey only just broke up but Carrey’s already appearing in public with not just one woman but apparently an entourage of 10 or more. His attention was said to be on a Jenny lookalike blonde and a brunette. Maybe they wanted to see him doing some of his famous facial expressions.


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