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In light of the Frankenstorm, Hurricane Sandy, celebrities are tweeting nonstop- sending out their prayers, well wishes for safety and weather photos.

However, the 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin was seen soaked through his pants as he was out walking his wife’s dogs before the hurricane hit Manhattan.
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The Emmy’s most awkward moments

The Emmys are like any big party: you have some great moments, a lot of forgettable moments, and some truly awkward moments. Some jokes fell flat, and others left you kind of mortified. “Did she just say that? On national TV?”

A lot of it had to do with Jane Lynch, an odd choice for Emmy host, and who apparently has the social graces of her TV character. Take, for example, her cutting response to Ricky Gervais: “Someone didn’t get enough hugs from Mommy and somehow it’s Hollywood’s fault.” Yeah, uhm… cut to commercial! Read the rest of this entry »


Steve Carell Is Leaving The Office

Steve Carell Steve Carell has officially announced that he plans to leave his hit TV show The Office after his contract expires at the end of next season.

On the show Carell plays the egotistical and always hilarious office boss Michael Scott, a role which has garnered him worldwide recognition and a devout following.

During an interview with Us Magazine Carell said he would make his exit in May 2011, when asked if he would leave he simply stated:

“Yes, it will be my last.” adding “It’s the last (season) on my contract, and I want to honor my contract.”

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