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Prior to entering rehab three years, Demi Lovato‘s addiction was actually at its worst.

demi lovato getty

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Lindsay Lohan is moving to the Big Apple, and she’s taking her sober coach with her.

Is Lindsay Lohan really a changed woman? (Getty)

Is Lindsay Lohan really a changed woman? (Getty)

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‘Glee’ Star Cory Monteith Found Dead

‘Gleeks’ are deeply mourning for the loss of one of the show’s pioneering stars – Cory Monteith, a.k.a. Finn Hudson.

Cory Monteith, an unexpected death. (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Cory Monteith, an unexpected death. (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

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Charlie Sheen Still Not In Rehab, Neighbors Want Him To Sell Home

Charlie Sheen has not checked=

Troubled actor Charlie Sheen has not checked into rehab and apparently his neighbors have become so sick of his antics that they want him to move out of their upscale Mulholland Hills neighborhood.

A source at Access Hollywood says that Sheen headed to Malibu on Friday where he was suppose to check into a treatment facility to receive help for his cocaine and alcohol addictions. However, instead of checking in for treatment, Sheen went home and spent the night at his own residence.

It’s also being reported that Sheen’s upscale neighbor’s are trying to get the actor kicked out of his home, calling it The Bates Motel.

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Demi Lovato Leaves Rehab

Demi Lovato Closeup

Demi Lovato is free! The 18-year-old Sunny With A Chance star checked herself out of an Illinois treatment center on Friday, ending 2 months of treatment at the facility.

Demi entered the facility after a nervous breakdown and unlike many other stars her age she actually stayed for more than a week to receive treatment.

Now that Lovato has completed her inpatient treatment she’ll begin an outpatient program as she gets her life back in order.

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Charlie Sheen Heads Back To Rehab

Charlie Sheen Back In rehab

Two And A Half Men is now on hiatus as show star Charlie Sheen heads back into rehab.

As we reported yesterday, Sheen was taken to the hospital after experiencing abdominal pains, more than likely caused by the briefcase full of cocaine he was smoking for hours during his 36-hour party with five porn stars at the actors home.

Speaking about the shows hiatus and Sheen’s health the network released the following statement:

“Due to Charlie Sheen’s decision to enter a rehabilitation center, CBS, Warner Bros. Television and executive producer Chuck Lorre are placing Two and a Half Men on production hiatus. We are profoundly concerned for his health and well-being, and support his decision.”

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Disney Star Demi Lovato Preparing To Leave Rehab

Demi Lovato Leaving Rehab

It’s being reported that Disney star Demi Lovato is getting ready to check out of her suburban Illinois rehab treatment center.

Lovato checked into rehab during Fall 2010 and is now reported to be checking out “sometime next week.”

You may recall that the actress checked into rehab in October after suffering an “emotional breakdown” which included a violent act against one of her backup dancers on her tour bus, an attack that recent led to an out of court financial settlement.

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Lindsay Lohan To Enter Herself Back Into Rehab

Lindsay Lohan Mugshot

It can be hard to kick a habit like Cocaine and Lindsay Lohan’s 4th entry into a rehab center, expected sometime this coming week, proves just that point.

TMZ is reporting that Lindsay Lohan, 24, will check herself back into a rehab center of her choosing in the next seven days. According to tipsters, she’s actually serious about taking control of her long-time addiction to Cocaine after having relapsed after her last stint at a court ordered UCLA inpatient clinic.

Lohan entered rehab on a 90 day court ordered stint after violating terms of her 2007 DUI probation, however she was released only 14 days later when the clinic said she was cured (Good job UCLA rehab clinic team).

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Amy Winehouse Zombiefied

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse seems to be looking even more haggard than usual lately.

The Rehab singer was spotted leaving the Mayfair Hotel in London Thursday night (April 14) in a zombie-like state and could barely stay awake in the back seat of her car.

Apparently she’s been working hard on her music career. According to Mark Ronson, the pair are working on a followup to her previous album, Back to Black.

“There’ll be something to hear quite soon. That’s all I can say. There’s something good coming.”

Hard partying, hard work and a recent episode where she was rushed to hospital after complaining of chest pains hasn’t been kind to Amy. The chest pains are reported to have been minor complications of breast enhancement surgery she went through last year, but will that be enough of a scare to make her take better care of herself?

And WTF is up with her lips?

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Melanie Griffith’s checking into rehab (again) made the news recently but it did not really have much staying power. In the middle of this week, though, husband Antonio Banderas shed some light on his wife’s move. He says that she checked herself into rehab because she has been taking medication due to a skiing accident. She is afraid that she might not be able to deal with it properly, hence her decision. The whole family is behind her 100%. Good on them!


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