5 Actresses You Didn’t Know Were Italian

These actresses have invaded Hollywood but some might not know that they have Italian blood in them. Some of them gained fame and popularity at a young age and some are still taking the world by storm. So who are there surprising Italian actresses? For some interesting facts … [Read more...]

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson Cancel Wedding, Call it Quits

Star Wars star Hayden Christensen and star of the now defunct O.C Rachel Bison have called it quits after a three-year courtship. The couple began dating after having co-starred in the movie Jumper. The couple were engaged to be marred and Bilson's rep confirmed on Monday that … [Read more...]

Hayden Christensen is a Human Dictionary

The 28-year-old Jumper actor has a reputation for being eloquent during his interviews. Some people even claim that they need a dictionary when they read his interviews. … [Read more...]