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Instagram Playboy Dan Bilzerian Nearly Killed A Porn Star

There’s one less reason why we should all be envious of Dan Bilzerian: he nearly killed someone.

Dan Bilzerian Instagram photo on a yacht with hot girls

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Holly Madison protects her boobs

Talk about covering your assets. Holly Madison confirmed rumors that she had her breasts insured by Lloyd’s of London for a $1,000,000.

“I’ve heard about people getting body parts insured and I thought, why not?” she said. “Because if anything happened to my boobs, I’d be out for a few months and I’d probably be out a million dollars.”

Makes sense since her boobs are pretty much the only thing going for this reality star, especially since she dumped her megazillionaire fiancé Hugh Hefner. You don’t actually think she’s got (gasp) talent, right? And she could possibly be the first woman on the planet whose cup size is actually larger than her IQ.

Just some burning questions…
1. Did the insurance company have to conduct an insurance inspection? And who was the lucky guy who got to do that?
2. Exactly what kind of “boob accidents” does a typical insurance policy cover?
3. You mean you can actually insure a fake body part? Wow. Doesn’t she just put them in a jar when she goes to sleep?

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‘Teen Mom’ Star Amber Portwood Posing For Playboy…Ewww!

Amber Portwood - Teen Mom Star - Playboy Shoot

Prepare to throw up in your own mouth a little bit. Rumor has it that Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is working to sign a deal to pose nude for Playboy Magazine.

The MTV star who is best known for abusing her baby daddy both verbally and physically is in talks with Playboy to shoot a “sexy but tastful” spread for the magazine.

The shoot would be a “full-frontal nude pictorial” for the cover and pages of Playboy, a move MTV execs are against.

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Hugh Hefner Announces Engagement To Crystal Harris

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris To Wed

Hugh Hefner, the 84-year old, twice married owner of Playboy has announced that he is engaged to marry Dec 2009 Playboy Playmate Crystal Harris, she’s 24-years-old.

On Christmas day Hefner posted to his Twitter account:

“When I gave Crystal the ring, she burst into tears. This is the happiest Christmas weekend in memory.”

Hefner first divorced in 1959 after 10 years of marriage, then in the late 90’s he separated from another Playmate of the year, Kimberly Conrad, with whom he has two sons. Conrad and Hefner, despite his various girlfriends, didn’t actually divorce until 2010.

When asked a while back if he would wed Holly Madison, he said he wasn’t interested in marriage, telling PEOPLE in 2009:

“It’s unlikely since I haven’t been very successful at it…” 

It’s unclear if he’ll still have a bunch of girlfriends, but our guess is yes.


Pamela Anderson’s Playboy Cover Sets New record

Pamela Anderson Playboy Magazine January 2011

13, that’s the number of times Pamela Anderson has now appeared on the cover of Playboy and it’s enough to give her the record for the most Playboy cover shots.

Pamela appears on the cover of the January 2011 issue of Playboy and the appearance will give her the 57-year old record for most cover shots by any female.

Along with her cover shot, Anderson will be featured in an 8-page spread for the magazine, the same magazine that in 1989 helped the world meet Anderson and eventually led her to worldwide recognition.

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Pamela Anderson Returns To The Cover Of Playboy

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson will be featured in Playboy for the 11th time. The Baywatch babe and former wife of Rockers Kid Rock and Tommy Lee will appear on the cover of the popular mens mag for the January 2011 issue.

Anderson first appeared in Playboy during 1989 and has since been through numerous marriages and she has giving birth to several children.

According to early reports, Anderson will be taking on an Anita Ekberg feel when shooting (see image below).

Pamela Anderson To Pose As Anita Ekberg What do you think about the Pamela Anderson Playboy shoot? Sure there’s not left to see, but she’s definitely a fan favorite.

Cheryl Cole In Playboy? Hef Offers $1 Million

Cheryl Cole

British singer Cheryl Cole has been offered $1 million to pose nude for the house that Hef built.

Cole, most famous in Europe as the frontwoman for the group Girls Aloud posed for some seductive shots in her 2011 Calendar, a move that is largely believed to have led to the $1 million offer from Playboy.

Unfortunately, the shoot will probably never happen, friends close to the singer say she would never take off her clothes for the public, telling the Daily Star:

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Crista Flanagan Gets Naked For Sexy Playboy Photo Shoot

Crista Flanagan - Playboy Cover

Crista Flanagan of Mad Men fame appears on this months cover of Playboy in nothing but a pair of panties and a necktie and it’s a very nice sight indeed.

Flanagan plays Lois Sadler on the show and she’s in the same pose made famous by Toni Lacy on the magazines 1960 cover. Flanagan and Playboy then take the throwback one step further, recreating the 60s pinup spread on the inside of the magazine, including vintage ad spots. Read the rest of this entry »


Playboy: Vienna Girardi Lied, We Aren’t Even Considering Her

Vienna Girardi Playboy Apparently even Playboy doesn’t want anything to do with The Bachelor contestant Vienna Girardi, early today she confirmed her Playboy spread with the following message:

“I am going to be on the cover of Playboy later this year. The Bachelor didn’t pay me a dime, and I ran through my savings living with Jake. I need the money. And I want to do something fun and happy for myself!”

Girardi confirmed the message and said she was receiving $250,000 which would help with some financial issues she was having, but now Playboy editors are saying they know nothing about the offer.

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Vienna Girardi Agrees To Playboy Photo Shoot

jake pavelka and vienna girardi Vienna Girardi, the jilted fiancee of Bachelor contestant Jake Pavelka is going to be baring her best “assets” for Playboy Magazine, a photo shoot worth an alleged $250,000.

Vienna has recently said that she’s barring it all because she’s broke after having depleted her life savings with Pavelka.

Girardi told Star Magazine in their July 12 issue:

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Justin Bieber Says Ewww To Playboy Offer

Justin Bieber and his mom In all fairness I would be saying the same thing if Playboy was offering my mom a spot in Playboy, but that’s exactly what the Hefner crew has done with Justin Bieber’s mom and being the “moral woman” she is she immediately turned the offer down.

According to internet rumors the 34-year-old Bieber was offered $50,000 to pose for Playboy.

Justin Tweeted about the rumor on Tuesday:

“My mom is a moral woman. Let’s just leave that one for what it is…because that rumour just grossed and weirded me out…”

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Playboy’s Super Saturday

While Playgirl is busy celebrating Levi Johnston’s cover, Playboy is out partying. The Super Saturday Night Party wrapped up last weekend at Miami Beach, thanks to a collaboration of Bacardi and Playboy. Check out the bunnies and celebrities who came out to play.

Playboy's Super Saturday Night Party - Black Eyed Peas
Taboo, Fergie and of The Black Eyed Peas all helped pick the tracks in the deejay booth.

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Kate Gosselin: I Am Not Posing For Playboy

A tabloid reporter recently said that Hugh Hefner has offered Kate Gosselin $400,000 to strip down to her birthday clothes. The mother of eight, who has been co-hosting The View, said that she is NOT going to do it. She also said “There’s a rumor that I was asked to pose for Playboy. It never happened!”

The question is would boys pay to see that?


September Playboy: The Adventures of Heidi Montag

Back in the day, googling the name Heidi will take you back to your childhood storybooks of a young girl’s adventures in the Swiss Alps. Fast forward to 2009 and there’s a new Heidi who tops the search engines.

Heidi Playboy

Heidi’s dirty Playboy cover for the month of September. She went from a cup A to C in a 2007 plastic surgery, but don’t expect to see her hills in this issue. Heidi didn’t go all the way for the shoot.

Love her or hate her, Heidi Montag’s road to fame has been one crazy ride. After all, reality stars have a short a life span; they’re only as good as their last reality show. They need to extend their shelf life with (a) another reality show, (b) an acting career (which tells you how real reality TV is, c) a music career (which is usually for American Idol contestants) or (d) other money-making ventures.
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